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ba-al-shal'-i-sha, ba-al-shale-'sha ba`al shalishah; Baithsarisa: Whence a man came to Gilgal with first-fruits (2 Kings 4:42) was probably not far from the latter place. According to the Talmud (Sanh. 12a) the fruits of the earth nowhere ripened so quickly. It is called by Eusebius Baithsarith (Jerome "Bethsalisa"), and located 15 miles North of Diospolis (Lydda). Khirbet Sirisia almost exactly fits this description. Gilgal (Jiljulieh) lies in the plain about 4 1/2 miles to the Northwest Khirbet Kefr Thilth, 3 1/2 miles farther north, has also been suggested. The Arabic Thilth exactly corresponds to the Hebrew Shalishah.

W. Ewing


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Baal-shalishah (1 Occurrence)
Baal-shalishah. Baalshalishah, Baal-shalishah. Ba'al-shal'ishah . Int. ... (ASV
BBE DBY JPS YLT NAS). Baalshalishah, Baal-shalishah. Ba'al-shal'ishah . ...
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Baal-shalisha (1 Occurrence)
Baal-shalisha. Baalshalisha, Baal-shalisha. Baalshalishah . Easton's Bible
Dictionary ... Baalshalisha, Baal-shalisha. Baalshalishah . Reference Bible.
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