Christianity's Most Joyous FactCharles Von Gerok, D. D.Psalm 98:1-9
The Great Day of the LordD. Gerok, D. D.Matthew 25:31
Jesus, the WatchwordDr. Gerok.Luke 2:21
Three Ways to the LordK. Gerok, D. D.John 1:35-51
Christ the Best ProviderC. Gerok, D. D.John 6:1-21
True Christian TestimonyC. Gerok, D. D.John 15:27
Pentecost a Spiritual Spring FeastGerok.Acts 2:1-4
The Gift of Pentecost the Best Gift of GodGerok.Acts 2:1-4
Symbols of the SpiritGerok.Acts 2:2-3
The New Tongue Which Ought to Fall to Our Lot by the Spirit of PentecostGerok.Acts 2:4
The Thousand-Tongued Hallelujah of the World in Honour of GodGerok.Acts 2:5-11
The Blooming Garden of God in the Primitive ChurchC. Gerok.Acts 2:41-42
The First Christians a Holy FamilyGerok.Acts 2:41-42
Christian and Anti-Christian CommunismC. Gerok, D. D.Acts 2:44-47
Christian Communism Distinguished from UnchristianC. Gerok, D. D.Acts 2:44-47
Miraculous FaithC. Gerok.Acts 3:1-11
The Apostles and the Beggar Model of Christian Care of the PoorC. Gerok.Acts 3:1-11
The True Joyfulness of a Witness for GodC. Gerok.Acts 4:13
The Burnt Offering of a True Church PrayerK. Gerok.Acts 4:23-37
How a Christian Ought to Pray for His EnemiesK. Gerok.Acts 4:29-30
Prayer Effects MiraclesK. Gerok.Acts 4:31
The First Tare Among the WheatK. Gerok.Acts 5:1-11
The Perversion of the Marriage BondK. Gerok.Acts 5:7-10
The Mysterious Power of a Man Filled with the Holy GhostK. Gerok.Acts 5:15
Jesus Christ a Prince and a SaviourK. Gerok.Acts 5:31
The Salvation in ChristK. Gerok.Acts 5:31
Gamaliel's CounselK. Gerok.Acts 5:33-42
Gamaliel's CounselK. Gerok.Acts 5:33-42
The False Prophet and the TrueK. Gerok.Acts 5:36-37
The Ancient Bond Between Poverty and Christianity a Blessing to BothK. Gerok.Acts 6:1-7
The Poor the Treasures of the ChurchK. Gerok.Acts 6:1-7
The Angelic Glory on Stephen's CountenanceK. Gerok.Acts 6:15
The Glory on the Countenances of Dying ChristiansK. Gerok.Acts 6:15
Moses and ChristK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
Moses, a Man of God and a Man of the PeopleK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
Moses, a Pattern of God's Chosen InstrumentsK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
Moses, a True ReformerK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
ProvidenceK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
The Training of MosesK. Gerok.Acts 7:20-43
The Burning BushK. Gerok.Acts 7:30-34
The Greater Our Need the Nearer GodK. Gerok.Acts 7:30-34
The Law of God, a Living WordK. Gerok.Acts 7:38
Composition of the ChurchK. Gerok.Acts 7:47-50
The True Temple of GodK. Gerok.Acts 7:47-50
Transfigured StonesK. Gerok.Acts 7:59
Stephen's Three CrownsK. Gerok.Acts 7:60
The Cross of Christ Reflected in Stephen, Living and DyingK. Gerok.Acts 7:60
The Victory of Dying StephenK. Gerok.Acts 7:60
The Wonderful Ways of the Lord in the Propagation of His KingdomK. Gerok.Acts 8:1-8
Sparks Carried by the WindK. Gerok.Acts 8:4
The Spiritual Miracles of the GospelK. Gerok.Acts 8:5-8
Saul, Simon, and PhilipK. Gerok.Acts 8:9-24
Simon Magus and Simon PeterK. Gerok.Acts 8:9-24
Simon the Sorcerer, an Admonitory Example of a False TeacherK. Gerok.Acts 8:9-24
The First Church VisitationK. Gerok.Acts 8:14-25
ConfirmationK. Gerok.Acts 8:17
Four Noble Guides to the Way of SalvationK. Gerok.Acts 8:26-39
How All Things Co-Operate to Promote the Salvation of a Soul Desiring to be SavedK. Gerok.Acts 8:26-39
How the Ethiopian Treasurer Found the True TreasureK. Gerok.Acts 8:26-39
Philip on His Way to Gaza, a Type of a True MinisterK. Gerok.Acts 8:26-39
The Word of God, the Best Reading for a JourneyK. Gerok.Acts 8:28
A Weighty QuestionK. Gerok.Acts 8:30-39
The Word and the SacramentK. Gerok.Acts 8:36-39
Paul's Conversion a Type of the ReformationK. Gerok.Acts 9:3-19
The Battle of DamascusK. Gerok.Acts 9:3-19
The Great Day of DamascusK. Gerok.Acts 9:3-19
When Need is Greatest God is NearestK. Gerok.Acts 9:3-19
The Three Days' Sepulture for the Inward ManK. Gerok.Acts 9:8-9
Saul and Luther Chosen VesselsK. Gerok.Acts 9:15
The First Essay of a Warrior of ChristK. Gerok.Acts 9:19-20
The Probation Years in the Ministerial OfficeK. Gerok.Acts 9:19-20
The Testimony of ChristK. Gerok.Acts 9:19-20
The Home Mission, a Call to Our TimeK. Gerok.Acts 9:36-43
The Resurrection of Dorcas -- a TypeK. Gerok.Acts 9:36-43
Cornelius, a Monument of the Omnipotence of GraceK. Gerok.Acts 10:1-48
The Messengers of the Centurion At Peter's DoorK. Gerok.Acts 10:9-16
Model Pastoral VisitationK. Gerok.Acts 10:24-33
A Beautiful Faith in the Sparks of Divinity in Every Human SoulK. Gerok.Acts 10:28
Rents in the Primitive ChurchK. Gerok.Acts 11:1-8
The Best Testimony of the Servant of God Against Opposition and MisapprehensionK. Gerok.Acts 11:1-8
Christ All in All to His ChurchK. Gerok.Acts 11:19-21
The Essentials of Successful WorkK. Gerok.Acts 11:19-21
James' Noble EndK. Gerok.Acts 12:1-19
The Bleeding James and the Rescued PeterK. Gerok.Acts 12:1-19
The Quiet Disciples of the LordK. Gerok.Acts 12:1-19
Peter in Prison, Sleeping Between Two SoldiersK. Gerok.Acts 12:5
Peter's Deliverance from ChainsK. Gerok.Acts 12:5
The Deliverance of PeterK. Gerok.Acts 12:5
Church Enterprises, How They Must Begin in Order to be BlessedK. Gerok.Acts 13:2-13
The Best Travelling Attendance for a Departing MissionaryK. Gerok.Acts 13:2-13
The Strength of Missionary WorkK. Gerok.Acts 13:2-13
Paul in PaphosK. Gerok.Acts 13:3-12
Sergius PaulusK. Gerok.Acts 13:3-12
The First Missionary IntelligenceK. Gerok.Acts 13:3-12
The First Missionary ShipK. Gerok.Acts 13:3-12
Reproof: How a True Servant of God Uses His Office OfK. Gerok.Acts 13:9-11
Paul in His Introductory Discourse Already a Complete PaulK. Gerok.Acts 13:13-52
The History of the Kingdom of GodK. Gerok.Acts 13:17-41
The Hours on the World's ClockK. Gerok.Acts 13:17-41
Christ, the Son of David, More than DavidK. Gerok.Acts 13:22-23
Envy At the Success of the GospelK. Gerok.Acts 13:42-52
The Opponents of the Gospel Injure Only ThemselvesK. Gerok.Acts 13:42-52
The Severe FarewellK. Gerok.Acts 13:42-52
Israel's Temporary RejectionK. Gerok.Acts 13:50-52
When Should a Servant of God Shake Off the Dust of His FeetK. Gerok.Acts 13:50-52
The Permitted Flight of the Servant of GodK. Gerok.Acts 14:4-7
God in NatureK. Gerok.Acts 14:15-18
The Way of TribulationK. Gerok.Acts 14:22
The Assembly At Jerusalem: a ModelK. Gerok.Acts 15:1-29
The Assembly At Jerusalem: its ImportanceK. Gerok.Acts 15:1-29
Times in Church HistoryK. Gerok.Acts 15:1-29
The Upshot of the First Ecclesiastical Assembly a Triumph of the Holy GhostK. Gerok.Acts 15:28-31
A Wonderful Nocturnal ServiceK. Gerok.Acts 16:19-26
What the Lord Can Make of a PrisonK. Gerok.Acts 16:19-26
The Earthquake At PhilippiK. Gerok.Acts 16:26
The Midnight Hour in the Prison of PhilippiK. Gerok.Acts 16:26
Christianity a RevolutionK. Gerok.Acts 17:6
Stages of a True Use of ScriptureK. Gerok.Acts 17:10-15
Three Books Relating to the Knowledge of GodK. Gerok.Acts 17:23
God's TemplesK. Gerok.Acts 17:24
God in HistoryK. Gerok.Acts 17:26
Christian Journeymen on Their TravelsK. Gerok.Acts 18:2-4
Paul in the WorkshopK. Gerok.Acts 18:2-4
Weekly Labour and Sabbath SanctificationK. Gerok.Acts 18:2-4
Ministerial LabourK. Gerok.Acts 18:18-23
The Burning At EphesusK. Gerok.Acts 19:18-19
The Right ConfessionK. Gerok.Acts 19:18-19
Eutychus an Instructive Warning to the UnsteadfastK. Gerok.Acts 20:6-12
How Can a Servant of God Finish His Course with JoyK. Gerok.Acts 20:24
Wherefore is it More Blessed to Give than to ReceiveK. Gerok.Acts 20:35
Paul's FarewellK. Gerok.Acts 20:37-38
The Girdle of PaulK. Gerok.Acts 21:8-15
The Only Bonds by Which a Servant of God Feels Himself to be Indissolubly BoundK. Gerok.Acts 21:8-15
FaithK. Gerok.Acts 21:13-14
Paul Among the Brethren At JerusalemK. Gerok.Acts 21:17-26
The Brotherly Salutation Between Paul and JamesK. Gerok.Acts 21:17-26
Paul Among the NazaritesK. Gerok.Acts 21:23-26
Paul in the Storm At JerusalemK. Gerok.Acts 21:27-40
Paul's Memorable Sermon At JerusalemK. Gerok.Acts 22:1-21
Paul's Sketch of His LifeK. Gerok.Acts 22:1-21
The Defence and Weapons of a Man of God in Troublous TimesK. Gerok.Acts 22:1-21
The Heavenly Light At DamascusK. Gerok., Caleb Morris.Acts 22:6-10
Paul's OrdinationK. Gerok.Acts 22:12-16
The Answer of the Lord to the But of His ServantsK. Gerok.Acts 22:17-21
The Comfort of a Good ConscienceK. Gerok.Acts 23:1-11
Divine AssistanceK. Gerok.Acts 23:11-35
The Call from HeavenK. Gerok.Acts 23:11-35
The Plot of the JewsK. Gerok.Acts 23:11-35
An Historical ParallelK. Gerok.Acts 23:31
Paul's Last Departure from JerusalemK. Gerok.Acts 23:31
Paul and Tertullus: or False Eloquence and TrueK. Gerok.Acts 24:1-9
The Christian's Best Defence Against CalumnyK. Gerok.Acts 24:10-21
The Christian's Defence Against the Accusations of the WorldK. Gerok.Acts 24:10-21
Conscience, a BlamelessK. Gerok.Acts 24:16
Paul's Two Years' Imprisonment in CaesareaK. Gerok.Acts 24:26-27
Paul Before FestusK. Gerok.Acts 25:1-12
The Christian in Reference to Changes of GovernmentK. Gerok.Acts 25:1-12
The Appeal to CaesarK. Gerok.Acts 25:7-12
The Appeal to CaesarK. Gerok., J. H. Tasson.Acts 25:7-12
Paul Before Princes and RulersK. Gerok.Acts 25:13-27
The Blindness of Mere Worldly Education in Matters of Christian TruthK. Gerok.Acts 25:13-27
The Principles of a Sound AdministrationK. Gerok.Acts 25:13-27
Motives for HearingK. Gerok.Acts 25:22-27
The Audience Chamber of CaesareaK. Gerok.Acts 25:22-27
Paul's Stretched-Out ArmK. Gerok.Acts 26:1-32
Who is Mad Paul or FestusK. Gerok.Acts 26:24-25
Christ's Bark on the Stormy Ocean of This WorldK. Gerok.Acts 27:1-20
The Stormy Voyage of LifeK. Gerok.Acts 27:1-20
Slow SailingK. Gerok.Acts 27:7-14
Paul and JonahK. Gerok.Acts 27:14-26
Paul in the StormK. Gerok.Acts 27:14-26
Paul Tested in the StormK. Gerok.Acts 27:14-26
The MalteseK. Gerok.Acts 28:1-14
Paul and the ViperK. Gerok.Acts 28:3-6
The Arrival of Paul At Rome in its Decisive ImportanceK. Gerok.Acts 28:16-31
Paul's Farewell to the JewsK. Gerok.Acts 28:17-22
The Chain of PaulK. Gerok.Acts 28:20
The Acts no FragmentK. Gerok.Acts 28:30-31
Paul a Prisoner At Rome Today as He was Eighteen Hundred Years AgoK. Gerok.Acts 28:30-31
Paul At RomeK. Gerok.Acts 28:30-31
The Quiet Disappearance of Paul At the Close of the Apostolic HistoryK. Gerok.Acts 28:30-31
Spiritual GiftsK. Gerok, D.D.1 Corinthians 12:1-31

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