The Embroidered Coat
Exodus 28:39
And you shall embroider the coat of fine linen, and you shall make the turban of fine linen…

The portion of the high priest's dress called the coat was more properly a tunic. It was the innermost garment worn by the high priest, being placed first upon him after he was washed (Leviticus 8:7). It seems to be derived from a verb meaning "to cover, or hide." It seems to have been interwoven, like net or chequer work, so as to present what in modern days we should call a "damask" appearance, combining weaving with a species of embroidery. The blue robe, and gorgeous ephod with its cluster of brilliant precious stones on the shoulders and breastplate, would entirely conceal from the eye of an observer this fine linen coat. Beneath, therefore, the splendid dress of the high priest there was a more humble attire of pure white, though it was still a "garment for glory and beauty." The outer garments were distinctly of a representative character; that is, they bore the names of Israel before the Lord. But in this under tunic there was no apparent connection with that people. It was rather the personal clothing of the high priest, manifesting him, beneath all his official glory, as one who could minister before the Lord in a perfect righteousness of his own. A glory and beauty no less costly and precious than was displayed by the other garments, though to the eye of sense not so striking in appearance. In fact, the high priest could not have worn his magnificent apparel Unless he could previously exhibit a spotless purity, diversified in every possible way like the embroidered fine linen coat. The Lord Jesus, in the days of His flesh, passed through an ordeal of temptation and suffering, throughout which He evinced His complete fitness to be the Great High Priest in resurrection, showing forth a righteousness and holiness, as well as grace, sympathy, and tenderness which proved Him perfectly suited for this high dignity and responsibility.

(H. W. Soltau.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And thou shalt embroider the coat of fine linen, and thou shalt make the mitre of fine linen, and thou shalt make the girdle of needlework.

WEB: You shall weave the coat in checker work of fine linen, and you shall make a turban of fine linen, and you shall make a sash, the work of the embroiderer.

The Mitre
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