Zephaniah 2
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1Bend yourselves, indeed, bend, || O nation not desired,

2Before the bringing forth of a statute, || The day has passed on as chaff, || While the heat of the anger of YHWH has not yet come in on you, || While [the] Day of the anger of YHWH has not yet come in on you,

3Seek YHWH, all you humble of the land, || Who have done His judgment, || Seek righteousness, seek humility, || It may be you are hidden in the Day of the anger of YHWH.

4For Gaza is forsaken, || And Ashkelon [is] for a desolation, || Ashdod! At noon they cast her forth, || And Ekron is rooted up.

5Behold! O inhabitants of the seacoast, || Nation of the Cherethites, || A word of YHWH [is] against you, || Canaan, land of the Philistines, || “And I have destroyed you without an inhabitant.”

6And the seacoast has been habitations, || Cottages [for] shepherds, and folds [for] a flock.

7And the coast has been for the remnant of the house of Judah, || By them they have pleasure, || In houses of Ashkelon they lie down at evening, || For their God YHWH inspects them, || And He has turned back [to] their captivity.

8“I have heard the reproach of Moab, || And the revilings of the sons of Ammon, || With which they reproached My people, || And magnify [themselves] against their border.

9Therefore, [as] I live,” || A declaration of YHWH of Hosts, God of Israel, || “Surely Moab is as Sodom, || And the sons of Ammon as Gomorrah, || An overrunning of nettles and salt-pits, || And a desolation for all time. A remnant of My people seizes them, || And a remnant of My nation inherits them.”

10This [is] to them for their arrogancy, || Because they have reproached, || And they magnify [themselves] against the people of YHWH of Hosts. 11Fearful [is] YHWH against them, || For He made all gods of the land bare, || And all islanders of the nations bow themselves to Him, || Each from his place.

12“Also you, O Cushim, they [are] pierced of My sword.”

13And He stretches His hand against the north, || And destroys Asshur, || And He sets Nineveh for a desolation, || A dry land like a wilderness.

14And droves have crouched in her midst, || Every beast of the nation, || Both pelican and hedgehog lodge in her knobs, || A voice sings at the window, || “Destruction [is] at the threshold, || For the cedar-work is exposed.”

15This [is] the exulting city that is dwelling confidently, || That is saying in her heart, || “I [am], and there is none beside me,” || How she has been for a desolation, || A crouching-place for beasts, || Everyone passing by her hisses, || He shakes his hand!

Literal Standard Version
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