Hosea 8
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1“To your mouth—a horn, "" As an eagle against the house of YHWH, "" Because they transgressed My covenant, "" And against My law they have rebelled.

2To Me they cry, My God, we—Israel—have known You.

3Israel has cast off good, an enemy pursues him.

4They have made kings, and not by Me, "" They have made princes, and I have not known, "" Their silver and their gold they have made to them idols, "" So that they are cut off.

5Your calf has cast off, O Samaria, "" My anger has burned against them; Until when are they not capable of purity?

6For even it [is] of Israel; a craftsman made it, "" And it [is] not God, "" For the calf of Samaria is fragments!

7For wind they sow, and a windstorm they reap, "" Stalk it has none—a shoot not yielding grain, "" If so be it yield—strangers swallow it up.

8Israel has been swallowed up, "" Now they have been among nations, "" As a vessel in which is no delight.

9For they have gone up [to] Asshur, "" A wild donkey alone by himself [is] Ephraim, "" They have hired lovers!

10Also though they hire among nations, "" Now I gather them, and they are pained a little, "" From the burden of a king of princes.

11Because Ephraim multiplied altars to sin, "" They have been to him altars to sin.

12I write for him numerous things of My law, "" As a strange thing they have been reckoned.

13The sacrifices of My offerings! They sacrifice flesh, and they eat, "" YHWH has not accepted them, "" Now He remembers their iniquity, "" And inspects their sin, "" They return [to] Egypt.

14And Israel forgets his Maker, and builds temples, "" And Judah has multiplied cities of defense, "" And I have sent a fire into his cities, "" And it has consumed their palaces!”

Literal Standard Version
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