To Christ, the Prince of Peace

To Christ, the Prince of Peace
Summi Panentis filio

Tr. Rev. E. Caswall
Nicola A. Montani

With Spirit

To Christ, the Prince of Peace,
And Son of God most high,
The Father of the world to come,
Sing we with holy joy.
Deep in His heart for us
The wound of love He bore;
That love, wherewith He still inflames
The hearts that Him adore.

O Jesus! Victim blest!
What else but love divine,
Could Thee constrain to open thus
That Sacred Heat of Thine?
O Fount of endless life!
O Spring of water clear!
O Flame celestial cleansing all
Who unto Thee draws near.

Hide me in Thy dear Heart,
For thither do I fly;
There seek Thy grace thro' life,
In death Thine immortality.
Praise to the Father be,
And sole begotten Son,
Praise, Holy Paraclete, to Thee
While endless ages run.

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