O Heart of Jesus, Purest Heart

O Heart of Jesus, purest Heart
(Cor Jesu, Cor purissimum)

Translated by Father M. Russell, S. J.
Traditional Melody

Con anima

O Heart of Jesus, purest Heart,
A Shrine of holiness Thou art;
Cleanse Thou, my heart, so sordid cold,
And stained by sins so manifold.

Take from me, Lord, this tepid will,
Which doth Thy Heart with loathing fill;
And then infuse a spirit new,
A fervent spirit, deep and true.

Most humble Heart of all that beat,
Heart full of goodness, meek and sweet,
Give me a heart more like to Thine,
And light the flame of love in mine.

But, ah, were e'en my heart on fire
With all the seraphim's desire,
Till love a conflagration proved,
Not yet wouldst Thou enough be loved.

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