Heart of Jesus! Golden Chalice

Heart of Jesus! golden chalice

Bishop Casartelli
Ch. Gounod
Arr. by N. A. M.

Slowly with devotion

Heart of Jesus! golden chalice
Brimming with the ruddy Wine,
Trodden in the press of fury,
Purest juice of truest vine,
From the Vineyards of Engeddi,
Quench this thirsty heart of mine.

Heart of Jesus! Comb of honey
From the cleft of Calvary's rock,
Sweetness coming from the Strong One,
Dripping from the green-wood stock;
Famishing of death is on us:
Feed, oh, feed Thy hungry flock!

Heart of Jesus! Rose of Sharon
Glist'ning with the dew of tears,
All among the thorny prickles
Lo! Thy blood-stained Head appears!
Spread Thy fragrance all around us,
Sweetly lulling all our fears!

Heart of Jesus! broken Vial
Full of precious spikenard!
Alabaster vase of ointment!
See, our souls are sore and hard:
Let Thy healing virtue touch them,
And from sin's corruption guards!

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