Recognitions of Clement.

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Introductory Notice to the Pseudo-Clementine Literature.

Introductory Notice to the The Recognitions of Clement.

Recognitions of Clement.

Book I.

Chapter I.--Clement's Early History; Doubts.

Chapter II.--His Distress.

Chapter III.--His Dissatisfaction with the Schools of the Philosophers.

Chapter IV.--His Increasing Disquiet.

Chapter V.--His Design to Test the Immortality of the Soul.

Chapter VI.--Hears of Christ.

Chapter VII.--Arrival of Barnabas at Rome.

Chapter VIII.--His Preaching.

Chapter IX.--Clement's Interposition on Behalf of Barnabas.

Chapter X.--Intercourse with Barnabas.

Chapter XI.--Departure of Barnabas.

Chapter XII.--Clement's Arrival at Cæsarea, and Introduction to Peter.

Chapter XIII.--His Cordial Reception by Peter.

Chapter XIV.--His Account of Himself.

Chapter XV.--Peter's First Instruction: Causes of Ignorance.

Chapter XVI.--Instruction Continued: the True Prophet.

Chapter XVII.--Peter Requests Him to Be His Attendant.

Chapter XVIII.--His Profiting by Peter's Instruction.

Chapter XIX.--Peter's Satisfaction.

Chapter XX.--Postponement of Discussion with Simon Magus.

Chapter XXI.--Advantage of the Delay.

Chapter XXII.--Repetition of Instructions.

Chapter XXIII.--Repetition Continued.

Chapter XXIV.--Repetition Continued.

Chapter XXV.--Repetition Continued.

Chapter XXVI.--Friendship of God; How Secured.

Chapter XXVII.--Account of the Creation.

Chapter XXVIII.--Account of the Creation Continued.

Chapter XXIX.--The Giants: the Flood.

Chapter XXX.--Noah's Sons.

Chapter XXXI.--World After the Flood.

Chapter XXXII.--Abraham.

Chapter XXXIII.--Abraham: His Posterity.

Chapter XXXIV.--The Israelites in Egypt.

Chapter XXXV.--The Exodus.

Chapter XXXVI.--Allowance of Sacrifice for a Time.

Chapter XXXVII.--The Holy Place.

Chapter XXXVIII.--Sins of the Israelites.

Chapter XXXIX.--Baptism Instituted in Place of Sacrifices.

Chapter XL.--Advent of the True Prophet.

Chapter XLI.--Rejection of the True Prophet.

Chapter XLII.--Call of the Gentiles.

Chapter XLIII.--Success of the Gospel.

Chapter XLIV.--Challenge by Caiaphas.

Chapter XLV.--The True Prophet: Why Called the Christ.

Chapter XLVI.--Anointing.

Chapter XLVII.--Adam Anointed a Prophet.

Chapter XLVIII.--The True Prophet, a Priest.

Chapter XLIX.--Two Comings of Christ.

Chapter L.--His Rejection by the Jews.

Chapter LI.--The Only Saviour.

Chapter LII.--The Saints Before Christ's Coming.

Chapter LIII.--Animosity of the Jews.

Chapter LIV.--Jewish Sects.

Chapter LV.--Public Discussion.

Chapter LVI.--Sadducees Refuted.

Chapter LVII.--Samaritan Refuted.

Chapter LVIII.--Scribes Refuted.

Chapter LIX.--Pharisees Refuted.

Chapter LX.--Disciples of John Refuted.

Chapter LXI.--Caiaphas Answered.

Chapter LXII.--Foolishness of Preaching.

Chapter LXIII.--Appeal to the Jews.

Chapter LXIV.--Temple to Be Destroyed.

Chapter LXV.--Tumult Stilled by Gamaliel.

Chapter LXVI.--Discussion Resumed.

Chapter LXVII.--Speech of Gamaliel.

Chapter LXVIII.--The Rule of Faith.

Chapter LXIX.--Two Comings of Christ.

Chapter LXX.--Tumult Raised by Saul.

Chapter LXXI.--Flight to Jericho.

Chapter LXXII.--Peter Sent to Cæsarea.

Chapter LXXIII.--Welcomed by Zacchæus.

Chapter LXXIV.--Simon Magus Challenges Peter.

Book II.

Chapter I.--Power of Habit.

Chapter II.--Curtailment of Sleep.

Chapter III.--Need of Caution.

Chapter IV.--Prudence in Dealing with Opponents.

Chapter V.--Simon Magus, a Formidable Antagonist.

Chapter VI.--Simon Magus: His Wickedness.

Chapter VII.--Simon Magus: His History.

Chapter VIII.--Simon Magus: His History.

Chapter IX.--Simon Magus: His Profession.

Chapter X.--Simon Magus: His Deception.

Chapter XI.--Simon Magus, at the Head of the Sect of Dositheus.

Chapter XII.--Simon Magus and Luna.

Chapter XIII.--Simon Magus: Secret of His Magic.

Chapter XIV.--Simon Magus, Professes to Be God.

Chapter XV.--Simon Magus, Professed to Have Made a Boy of Air.

Chapter XVI.--Simon Magus: Hopelessness of His Case.

Chapter XVII.--Men Enemies to God.

Chapter XVIII.--Responsibility of Men.

Chapter XIX.--Disputation Begun.

Chapter XX.--The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.

Chapter XXI.--Righteousness the Way to the Kingdom.

Chapter XXII.--Righteousness; What It is.

Chapter XXIII.--Simon Refuses Peace.

Chapter XXIV.--Peter's Explanation.

Chapter XXV.--Principles on Which the Discussion Should Be Conducted.

Chapter XXVI.--Simon's Interruption.

Chapter XXVII.--Questions and Answers.

Chapter XXVIII.--Consistency of Christ's Teaching.

Chapter XXIX.--Peace and Strife.

Chapter XXX.--Peace to the Sons of Peace.

Chapter XXXI.--Peace and War.

Chapter XXXII.--Simon's Challenge.

Chapter XXXIII.--Authority.

Chapter XXXIV.--Order of Proof.

Chapter XXXV.--How Error Cannot Stand with Truth.

Chapter XXXVI.--Altercation.

Chapter XXXVII.--Simon's Subtlety.

Chapter XXXVIII.--Simon's Creed.

Chapter XXXIX.--Argument for Polytheism.

Chapter XL.--Peter's Answer.

Chapter XLI.--The Answer, Continued.

Chapter XLII.--Guardian Angels.

Chapter XLIII.--No God But Jehovah.

Chapter XLIV.--The Serpent, the Author of Polytheism.

Chapter XLV.--Polytheism Inexcusable.

Chapter XLVI.--Christ Acknowledged the God of the Jews.

Chapter XLVII.--Simon's Cavil.

Chapter XLVIII.--Peter's Answer.

Chapter XLIX.--The Supreme Light.

Chapter L.--Simon's Presumption.

Chapter LI.--The Sixth Sense.

Chapter LII.--Reductio Ad Absurdum

Chapter LIII.--Simon's Blasphemy.

Chapter LIV.--How Simon Learned from the Law What the Law Does Not Teach.

Chapter LV.--Simon's Objections Turned Against Himself.

Chapter LVI.--No God Above the Creator.

Chapter LVII.--Simon's Inconsistency.

Chapter LVIII.--Simon's God Unjust.

Chapter LIX.--The Creator Our Father.

Chapter LX.--The Creator the Supreme God.

Chapter LXI.--Imagination.

Chapter LXII.--Peter's Experience of Imagination.

Chapter LXIII.--Peter's Reverie.

Chapter LXIV.--Andrew's Rebuke.

Chapter LXV.--Fallacy of Imagination.

Chapter LXVI.--Existence and Conception.

Chapter LXVII.--The Law Teaches of Immensity.

Chapter LXVIII.--The Visible and the Invisible Heaven.

Chapter LXIX.--Faith and Reason.

Chapter LXX.--Adjournment.

Chapter LXXI.--Separation from the Unclean.

Chapter LXXII.--The Remedy.

Book III.

Chapter I.--Pearls Before Swine.

Chapter XII. --Second Day's Discussion.

Chapter XIII.--Simon a Seducer.

Chapter XIV.--Simon Claims the Fulfilment of Peter's Promise.

Chapter XV.--Simon's Arrogance.

Chapter XVI.--Existence of Evil.

Chapter XVII.--Not Admitted by All.

Chapter XVIII.--Manner of Conducting the Discussion.

Chapter XIX.--Desire of Instruction.

Chapter XX.--Common Principles.

Chapter XXI.--Freedom of the Will.

Chapter XXII.--Responsibility.

Chapter XXIII.--Origin of Evil.

Chapter XXIV.--God the Author of Good, Not of Evil.

Chapter XXV.--"Who Hath Resisted His Will?"

Chapter XXVI.--No Goodness Without Liberty.

Chapter XXVII.--The Visible Heaven: Why Made.

Chapter XXVIII.--Why to Be Dissolved.

Chapter XXIX.--Corruptible and Temporary Things Made by the Incorruptible and Eternal.

Chapter XXX.--How the Pure in Heart See God.

Chapter XXXI.--Diligence in Study.

Chapter XXXII.--Peter's Private Instruction.

Chapter XXXIII.--Learners and Cavillers.

Chapter XXXIV.--Against Order is Against Reason.

Chapter XXXV.--Learning Before Teaching.

Chapter XXXVI.--Self-Evidence of the Truth.

Chapter XXXVII.--God Righteous as Well as Good.

Chapter XXXVIII.--God's Justice Shown at the Day of Judgment.

Chapter XXXIX.--Immortality of the Soul.

Chapter XL.--Proved by the Success of the Wicked in This Life.

Chapter XLI.--Cavils of Simon.

Chapter XLII.--"Full of All Subtlety and All Mischief."

Chapter XLIII.--Simon's Subterfuges.

Chapter XLIV.--Sight or Hearing?

Chapter XLV.--A Home-Thrust.

Chapter XLVI.--Simon's Rage.

Chapter XLVII.--Simon's Vaunt.

Chapter XLVIII.--Attempts to Create a Disturbance.

Chapter XLIX.--Simon's Retreat.

Chapter L.--Peter's Benediction.

Chapter LI.--Peter's Accessibility.

Chapter LII.--False Signs and Miracles.

Chapter LIII.--Self-Love the Foundation of Goodness.

Chapter LIV.--God to Be Supremely Loved.

Chapter LV.--Ten Commandments Corresponding to the Plagues of Egypt.

Chapter LVI.--Simon Resisted Peter, as the Magicians Moses.

Chapter LVII.--Miracles of the Magicians.

Chapter LVIII.--Truth Veiled with Love.

Chapter LIX.--Good and Evil in Pairs.

Chapter LX.--Uselessness of Pretended Miracles.

Chapter LXI.--Ten Pairs.

Chapter LXII.--The Christian Life.

Chapter LXIII.--A Deserter from Simon's Camp.

Chapter LXIV.--Declaration of Simon's Wickedness.

Chapter LXV.--Peter Resolves to Follow Simon.

Chapter LXVI.--Zacchæus Made Bishop of Cæsarea; Presbyters and Deacons Ordained.

Chapter LXVII.--Invitation to Baptism.

Chapter LXVIII.--Twelve Sent Before Him.

Chapter LXIX.--Arrangements Approved by All the Brethren.

Chapter LXX.--Departure of the Twelve.

Chapter LXXI.--Peter Prepares the Cæsareans for His Departure.

Chapter LXXII.--More Than Ten Thousand Baptized.

Chapter LXXIII.--Tidings of Simon.

Chapter LXXIV.--Farewell to Cæsarea.

Chapter LXXV.--Contents of Clement's Despatches to James.

Book IV.

Chapter I.--Halt at Dora.

Chapter II.--Reception in the House of Maro.

Chapter III.--Simon's Flight.

Chapter IV.--The Harvest Plenteous.

Chapter V.--Moses and Christ.

Chapter VI.--A Congregation.

Chapter VII.--The Sick Healed.

Chapter VIII.--Providence Vindicated.

Chapter IX.--State of Innocence a State of Enjoyment.

Chapter X.--Sin the Cause of Suffering.

Chapter XI.--Suffering Salutary.

Chapter XII.--Translation of Enoch.

Chapter XIII.--Origin of Idolatry.

Chapter XIV.--God Both Good and Righteous.

Chapter XV.--How Demons Get Power Over Men.

Chapter XVI.--Why They Wish to Possess Men.

Chapter XVII.--The Gospel Gives Power Over Demons.

Chapter XVIII.--This Power in Proportion to Faith.

Chapter XIX.--Demons Incite to Idolatry.

Chapter XX.--Folly of Idolatry.

Chapter XXI.--Heathen Oracles.

Chapter XXII.--Why They Sometimes Come True.

Chapter XXIII.--Evil Not in Substance.

Chapter XXIV.--Why God Permits Evil.

Chapter XXV.--Evil Beings Turned to Good Account.

Chapter XXVI.--Evil Angels Seducers.

Chapter XXVII.--Ham the First Magician.

Chapter XXVIII.--Tower of Babel.

Chapter XXIX.--Fire-Worship of the Persians.

Chapter XXX.--Hero-Worship.

Chapter XXXI.--Idolatry Led to All Immorality.

Chapter XXXII.--Invitation.

Chapter XXXIII.--The Weakest Christian More Powerful Than the Strongest Demon.

Chapter XXXIV.--Temptation of Christ.

Chapter XXXV.--False Apostles.

Chapter XXXVI.--The Garments Unspotted.

Chapter XXXVII.--The Congregation Dismissed.

Book V.

Chapter I.--Peter's Salutation.

Chapter II.--Suffering the Effect of Sin.

Chapter III.--Faith and Unbelief.

Chapter IV.--Ignorance the Mother of Evils.

Chapter V.--Advantages of Knowledge.

Chapter VI.--Free-Will.

Chapter VII.--Responsibility of Knowledge.

Chapter VIII.--Desires of the Flesh to Be Subdued.

Chapter IX.--The Two Kingdoms.

Chapter X.--Jesus the True Prophet.

Chapter XI.--The Expectation of the Gentiles.

Chapter XII.--Call of the Gentiles.

Chapter XIII.--Invitation of the Gentiles.

Chapter XIV.--Idols Unprofitable.

Chapter XV.--Folly of Idolatry.

Chapter XVI.--God Alone a Fit Object of Worship.

Chapter XVII.--Suggestions of the Old Serpent.

Chapter XVIII.--His First Suggestion.

Chapter XIX.--His Second Suggestion.

Chapter XX.--Egyptian Idolatry.

Chapter XXI.--Egyptian Idolatry More Reasonable Than Others.


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