Simon's Cavil.
To this Simon replied: [658] "From the words of your master I shall refute you, because even he introduces to all men a certain God who was known. For although both Adam knew the God who was his creator, and the maker of the world; and Enoch knew him, inasmuch as he was translated by him; and Noah, since he was ordered by him to construct the ark; and although Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, and Moses, and all, even every people and all nations, know the maker of the world, and confess him to be a God, yet your Jesus, who appeared long after the patriarchs, says: No one knows the Son, but the Father; neither knoweth any one the Father, but the Son, and he to whom the Son has been pleased to reveal Him.' [659] Thus, therefore, even your Jesus confesses that there is another God, incomprehensible and unknown to all."


[658] [Compare Homily XVII. 4.--R.]

[659] Matthew 11:27. [Comp. Luke 10:22. This objection is given in Homilies XVII. 4, XVIII. 4.--R.]

chapter xlvi christ acknowledged the god
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