Universal Worship. --Ps. cxlviii.

James Montgomery

Universal Worship. -- Ps. cxlviii.

Heralds of creation! cry, --

Praise the Lord, the Lord most high!

Heaven and earth! obey the call,

Praise the Lord, the Lord of all.

For He spake, and forth from night

Sprang the universe to light:

He commanded, -- Nature heard,

And stood fast upon his word.

Praise Him, all ye hosts above,

Spirits perfected in love;

Sun and Moon! your voices raise,

Sing, ye stars! your Maker's praise.

Earth! from all thy depths below,

Ocean's hallelujahs flow,

Lightning, Vapour, Wind and Storm,

Hail and Snow! His will perform.

Vales and Mountains! burst in song;

Rivers! roll his praise along;

Clap your hands, ye Trees! and hail

God, who comes in every gale.

Birds! on wings of rapture soar,

Warble at His Temple door,

Joyful sounds from Herds and Flocks,

Echo back, ye Caves and Rocks!

Kings! your Sovereign serve with awe;

Judges! own His righteous law;

Princes! worship Him with fear;

Bow the knee, all People! here.

Let His truth by Babes be told,

And His wonders by the old;

Youths and maidens! in your prime,

Learn the lays of heaven betime.

High above all height His throne,

Excellent His name alone;

Him let all His works confess,

Him let every Being bless.

hymn xi the sabbath
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