The Sabbath.

James Montgomery

The Sabbath.

God the Creator bless'd

The Sabbath of His rest;

His six days' work had brought

The universe from nought;

The heavens and earth before Him stood,

He saw them, and pronounced them good.

God the Redeemer bless'd

The Sabbath of His rest,

When, all His sufferings done,

The Cross's victory won,

In Joseph's sepulchre He lay,

And rested on the Sabbath Day.

And God the Spirit bless'd

The Christian Day of rest,

Where (met with one accord)

The servants of the Lord,

To whom the Father's promise came,

Like rushing wind and living flame.

The Church below hath bless'd

Her own sweet Day of rest,

When, in her spousal dress

Of blood-bought righteousness,

Her happy spirit can rejoice

To hear her heavenly Bridegroom's voice.

They love the Sabbath Day,

Who love to sing and pray;

The Day of rest they love,

Who seek their rest above;

They love the Day of God in seven,

Who prize an antepast of heaven.

My God, the Day is Thine;

O may I make it mine!

By hallowing it to Thee,

'Tis hallow'd twice to me;

And when with Thee my heart is right,

I call it holy -- a delight.

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