Fervent Supplication. --Ps. cxxx.

James Montgomery

Fervent Supplication. -- Ps. cxxx.

Out of the depths of woe,

To Thee, O Lord! I cry;

Darkness surrounds me, but I know

That Thou art ever nigh.

Then hearken to my voice,

Give ear to my complaint;

Thou bidst the mourning soul rejoice,

Thou comfortest the faint.

I cast my hope on Thee,

Thou canst, Thou wilt forgive;

Wert Thou to mark iniquity,

Who in thy sight could live?

Humbly on Thee I wait,

Confessing all my sin;

Lord, I am knocking at thy gate,

Open and take me in.

Like them, whose longing eyes

Watch till the morning-star,

(Though late and seen through tempests) rise,

Heaven's portals to unbar: --

Like them I watch and pray,

And though it tarry long,

Catch the first gleam of welcome day,

Then burst into a song,

Glory to God above!

The waters soon will cease,

For lo! the swift-returning dove

Brings home the sign of peace.

Though storms his face obscure,

And dangers threaten loud,

Jehovah's covenant is sure;

His bow is in the cloud.

hymn lxxxi an evening thought ps
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