God's Merciful Guardianship of his People. --Ps. Xci. D

James Montgomery

God's merciful Guardianship of his People. -- Ps. xci.

Call Jehovah thy salvation,

Rest beneath the Almighty's shade,

In his secret habitation

Dwell, and never be dismay'd:

There no tumult shall alarm thee,

Thou shalt dread no hidden snare,

Guile nor violence can harm thee

In eternal safeguard there.

From the sword at noon-day wasting,

From the noisome pestilence,

In the depth of midnight blasting,

God shall be thy sure defence;

Fear not thou the deadly quiver,

When a thousand feel the blow,

Mercy shall thy soul deliver,

Though ten thousand be laid low.

Only with thine eyes the anguish

Of the wicked thou shalt see,

When by slow disease they languish,

When they perish suddenly:

Thee, though winds and waves be swelling,

God, thine hope, shall bear through all;

Plague shall not come nigh thy dwelling,

Thee no evil shall befall.

He shall charge his angel legions,

Watch and ward o'er thee to keep;

Though thou walk through hostile regions,

Though in desert wilds thou sleep:

On the lion vainly roaring,

On his young, thy foot shall tread,

And, the dragon's den exploring,

Thou shalt bruise the Serpent's head.

Since, with pure and firm affection,

Thou on God hast set thy love,

With the wings of His protection

He will shield thee from above:

Thou shalt call on Him in trouble,

He will hearken, He will save,

Here for grief reward thee double,

Crown with life beyond the grave.

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