Psalm Xcvi. 1, 2

James Montgomery

Psalm xcvi.1, 2.

Sing a new song unto the Lord;

His mercies, every morning new,

His truth and faithfulness record;

Give to our God the glory due.

God is the Lord; around His throne

In heaven, adoring seraphim,

And ransom'd saints, ascribe alone

All power, might, majesty, to Hiin.

On earth His church impregnable,

Built on the rock of ages, stands,

And yet, against the gates of hell,

Shall send salvation through all lands.

Thou, by whose word the worlds were made,

In wisdom and in goodness framed,

By every creature be obey'd,

By every tongue Thy praise proclaim'd.

Let Britain's children, most of all

Beholden for their lot of grace,

Rejoice to hear their Saviour's call,

And seek their heavenly Father's face.

So the new song we now begin

Shall never cease while we have breath,

Through Him who suffer'd for our sin,

And by His death abolish'd death.

hymn cc the church militant
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