The Church Militant Learning the Church Triumphant's Song.

James Montgomery

The Church Militant learning the Church Triumphant's Song.

Sing we the song of those who stand

Around the eternal throne,

Of every kindred, clime, and land,

A multitude unknown.

Life's poor distinctions vanish here;

To-day the young, the old,

Our Saviour and His flock appear

One Shepherd and one fold.

Toil, trial, suffering, still await

On earth the pilgrim-throng,

Yet learn we, in our low estate,

The Church-triumphant's song.

"Worthy the Lamb for sinners slain,"

Cry the redeem'd above,

"Blessing and honour to obtain,

And everlasting love."

"Worthy the Lamb!" on earth we sing,

"Who died our souls to save;

Henceforth, O Death! where is thy sting?

Thy victory, O Grave?"

Then, Hallelujah! power and praise

To God in Christ be given;

May all who now this anthem raise

Renew the strain in heaven!

hymn cxcix let brotherly love
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