The Epistles of Clement

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The Epistles of Clement.


Introductory Notice to 1st Clement.

Additional Introduction.

The First Epistle of Clement to the Corinthians.

Chapter I.--The Salutation. Praise of the Corinthians Before the

Chapter II.--Praise of the Corinthians Continued.

Chapter III.--The Sad State of the Corinthian Church After Sedition Arose in It from Envy and Emulation.

Chapter IV.--Many Evils Have Already Flowed from This Source in Ancient Times.

Chapter V.--No Less Evils Have Arisen from the Same Source in the Most Recent Times. The Martyrdom of Peter and Paul.

Chapter VI.--Continuation. Several Other Martyrs.

Chapter VII.--An Exhortation to Repentance.

Chapter VIII.--Continuation Respecting Repentance.

Chapter IX.--Examples of the Saints.

Chapter X.--Continuation of the Above.

Chapter XI.--Continuation. Lot.

Chapter XII.--The Rewards of Faith and Hospitality. Rahab.

Chapter XIII.--An Exhortation to Humility.

Chapter XIV.--We Should Obey God Rather Than the Authors of Sedition.

Chapter XV.--We Must Adhere to Those Who Cultivate Peace, Not to Those Who Merely Pretend to Do So.

Chapter XVI.--Christ as an Example of Humility.

Chapter XVII.--The Saints as Examples of Humility.

Chapter XVIII.--David as an Example of Humility.

Chapter XIX.--Imitating These Examples, Let Us Seek After Peace.

Chapter XX.--The Peace and Harmony of the Universe.

Chapter XXI.--Let Us Obey God, and Not the Authors of Sedition.

Chapter XXII.--These Exhortations are Confirmed by the Christian Faith, Which Proclaims the Misery of Sinful Conduct.

Chapter XXIII.--Be Humble, and Believe that Christ Will Come Again.

Chapter XXIV.--God Continually Shows Us in Nature that There Will Be a Resurrection.

Chapter XXV.--The Phoenix an Emblem of Our Resurrection.

Chapter XXVI.--We Shall Rise Again, Then, as the Scripture Also Testifies.

Chapter XXVII.--In the Hope of the Resurrection, Let Us Cleave to the Omnipotent and Omniscient God.

Chapter XXVIII.--God Sees All Things: Therefore Let Us Avoid Transgression.

Chapter XXIX.--Let Us Also Draw Near to God in Purity of Heart.

Chapter XXX.--Let Us Do Those Things that Please God, and Flee from Those He Hates, that We May Be Blessed.

Chapter XXXI.--Let Us See by What Means We May Obtain the Divine Blessing.

Chapter XXXII.--We are Justified Not by Our Own Works, But by Faith.

Chapter XXXIII.--But Let Us Not Give Up the Practice of Good Works and Love. God Himself is an Example to Us of Good Works.

Chapter XXXIV.--Great is the Reward of Good Works with God. Joined Together in Harmony, Let Us Implore that Reward from Him.

Chapter XXXV.--Immense is This Reward. How Shall We Obtain It?

Chapter XXXVI.--All Blessings are Given to Us Through Christ.

Chapter XXXVII.--Christ is Our Leader, and We His Soldiers.

Chapter XXXVIII.--Let the Members of the Church Submit Themselves, and No One Exalt Himself Above Another.

Chapter XXXIX.--There is No Reason for Self-Conceit.

Chapter XL.--Let Us Preserve in the Church the Order Appointed by God.

Chapter XLI.--Continuation of the Same Subject.

Chapter XLII.--The Order of Ministers in the Church.

Chapter XLIII.--Moses of Old Stilled the Contention Which Arose Concerning the Priestly Dignity.

Chapter XLIV.--The Ordinances of the Apostles, that There Might Be No Contention Respecting the Priestly Office.

Chapter XLV.--It is the Part of the Wicked to Vex the Righteous.

Chapter XLVI.--Let Us Cleave to the Righteous: Your Strife is Pernicious.

Chapter XLVII.--Your Recent Discord is Worse Than the Former Which Took Place in the Times of Paul.

Chapter XLVIII.--Let Us Return to the Practice of Brotherly Love.

Chapter XLIX--The Praise of Love.

Chapter L.--Let Us Pray to Be Thought Worthy of Love.

Chapter LI.--Let the Partakers in Strife Acknowledge Their Sins.

Chapter LII.--Such a Confession is Pleasing to God.

Chapter LIII.--The Love of Moses Towards His People.

Chapter LIV.--He Who is Full of Love Will Incur Every Loss, that Peace May Be Restored to the Church.

Chapter LV.--Examples of Such Love.

Chapter LVI.--Let Us Admonish and Correct One Another.

Chapter LVII.--Let the Authors of Sedition Submit Themselves.

Chapter LVIII.--Submission the Precursor of Salvation.

Chapter LIX.--Warning Against Disobedience. Prayer.

Chapter LX.--Prayer Continued.

Chapter LXI.--Prayer Continued--For Rulers and Governors. Conclusion.

Chapter LXII.--Summary and Conclusory--Concerning Godliness.

Chapter LXIII.--Hortatory, Letter Sent by Special Messengers.

Chapter LXIV.--Blessings Sought for All that Call Upon God.

Chapter LXV.--The Corinthians are Exhorted Speedily to Send Back Word that Peace Has Been Restored. The Benediction.

Introductory Notice.

The Second Epistle of Clement.

Chapter I.--We Ought to Think Highly of Christ.

Chapter II.--The Church, Formerly Barren, is Now Fruitful.

Chapter III.--The Duty of Confessing Christ.

Chapter IV.--True Confession of Christ.

Chapter V.--This World Should Be Despised.

Chapter VI.--The Present and Future Worlds are Enemies to Each Other.

Chapter VII.--We Must Strive in Order to Be Crowned.

Chapter VIII.--The Necessity of Repentance While We are on Earth.

Chapter IX.--We Shall Be Judged in the Flesh.

Chapter X.--Vice is to Be Forsaken, and Virtue Followed.

Chapter XI.--We Ought to Serve God, Trusting in His Promises.

Chapter XII.--We are Constantly to Look for the Kingdom of God.

Chapter XIII.--God's Name Not to Be Blasphemed.

Chapter XIV.--The Church Spiritual.

Chapter XV.--He Who Saves and He Who is Saved.

Chapter XVI.--Preparation for the Day of Judgment.

Chapter XVII.--Same Subject Continued.

Chapter XVIII.--The Author Sinful, Yet Pursuing.

Chapter XIX.--Reward of the Righteous, Although They May Suffer.

Chapter XX.--Godliness, Not Gain, the True Riches.

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