Let us do those Things that Please God, and Flee from those He Hates, that we May be Blessed.
Seeing, therefore, that we are the portion of the Holy One, [4142] let us do all those things which pertain to holiness, avoiding all evil-speaking, all abominable and impure embraces, together with all drunkenness, seeking after change, [4143] all abominable lusts, detestable adultery, and execrable pride. "For God," [saith the Scripture], "resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble." [4144] Let us cleave, then, to those to whom grace has been given by God. Let us clothe ourselves with concord and humility, ever exercising self-control, standing far off from all whispering and evil-speaking, being justified by our works, and not our words. For [the Scripture] saith, "He that speaketh much, shall also hear much in answer. And does he that is ready in speech deem himself righteous? Blessed [4145] is he that is born of woman, who liveth but a short time: be not given to much speaking." [4146] Let our praise be in God, and not of ourselves; for God hateth those that commend themselves. Let testimony to our good [4147] deeds be borne by others, as it was in the case of our righteous forefathers. Boldness, and arrogance, and audacity belong to [4148] those that are accursed of God; but moderation, humility, and meekness to such as are blessed by Him.


[4142] I. hagia mere (holy parts.)

[4143] Some translate, "youthful lusts."

[4144] Proverbs 3:34; James 4:6; 1 Pet. v. 5.

[4145] I.[omits.

[4146] Job 11:2, 3. The translation is doubtful.

[4147] I.[omits.

[4148] I. edothe (was given).

chapter xxix let us also draw
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