The Works of Dionysius

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Introductory Note

Extant Fragments. Part I.--Containing Various Sections of the Works.

I.--From the Two Books on the Promises.

II.--From the Books on Nature.

I. In Opposition to Those of the School of Epicurus Who Deny the

II. A Refutation of This Dogma on the Ground of Familiar Human Analogies.

III. A Refutation on the Ground of the Constitution of the Universe.

IV. A Refutation of the Same on the Grounds of the Human Constitution.

V. That to Work is Not a Matter of Pain and Weariness to God.

III.--From the Books Against Sabellius.

On the Notion that Matter is Ungenerated.

IV.--Epistle to Dionysius Bishop of Rome.

From the First Book.

From the Same First Book.

From the Same First Book.

From the Second Book.

From the Same Second Book.

From the Same Second Book.

From the Third Book.

From the Fourth Book.

About the Middle of the Treatise.

the most divine Trinity

The Conclusion of the Entire Treatise.

V.--The Epistle to Bishop Basilides.

Canon I. Dionysius to Basilides, my beloved son, and my brother…

Canon II. The question touching women in the time of their separation…

Canon III. Moreover, those who are competent, and who are advanced in years…

Canon IV. As to those who are overtaken by an involuntary flux in the night-time…

Part II.--Containing Epistles, or Fragments of Epistles.

Epistle I.--To Domitius and Didymus.

Epistle II.--To Novatus.

Epistle III.--To Fabius, Bishop of Antioch.

Epistle IV.--To Cornelius the Roman Bishop.

Epistle V.--Which is the First on the Subject of Baptism Addressed to Stephen, Bishop of Rome.

Epistle VI.--To Sixtus, Bishop.

Epistle VII.--To Philemon, a Presbyter.

Epistle VIII.--To Dionysius.

Epistle IX.--To Sixtus II.

Epistle X.--Against Bishop Germanus.

Epistle XI.--To Hermammon.

Epistle XII.--To the Alexandrians.

Epistle XIII.--To Hierax, a Bishop in Egypt.

Epistle XIV.--From His Fourth Festival Epistle.


Exegetical Fragments. I.--A Commentary on the Beginning of Ecclesiastes.

Chapter I.

Chapter II.

Chapter III.

II.--The Gospel According to Luke.

III.--On Luke XXII. 42, Etc.

IV.--An Exposition of Luke XXII. 46, Etc.

V.--On John VIII. 12.

VI.--Of the One Substance.

VII.--On the Reception of the Lapsed to Penitence.

Note by the American Editor.

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