Two Epistles Concerning Virginity
Two Epistles Concerning Virginity
Clement of Rome

Translated by the Rev. B. P. Pratten
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Introductory Notice to Two Epistles Concerning Virginity

The First Epistle of the Blessed Clement, the Disciple of Peter the Apostle.

Chapter I.--The Salutation.

Chapter II.--For True Virginity Perfect Virtue is Necessary.

Chapter III.--True Virgins Prove Themselves Such by Self-Denial, as Does the True Believer by Good Works.

Chapter IV.--Continuation of the Remarks on Self-Denial; Object and Reward of True Virgins.

Chapter V.--The Irksomeness and the Enemies of Virginity.

Chapter VI.--Divinity of Virginity.

Chapter VII.--The True Virgin.

Chapter VIII.--Virgins, by the Laying Aside of All Carnal Affection, are Imitators of God.

Chapter IX.--Continuation of the Subject of Mortification; Dignity of Persons Consecrated to God.

Chapter X.--Denunciation of Dangerous and Scandalous Association with Maidens.

Chapter XI.--Perniciousness of Idleness; Warning Against the Empty Longing to Be Teachers; Advice About Teaching and the Use of Divine Gifts.

Chapter XII.--Rules for Visits, Exorcisms, and How People are to Assist the Sick, and to Walk in All Things Without Offence.

Chapter XIII.--What Priests Should Be and Should Not Be.

The Second Epistle of the Same Clement.

Chapter I.--He Describes the Circumspectness of His Intercourse with

Chapter II.--His Behaviour in Places Where There Were Christians of Both Sexes.

Chapter III.--Rules for the Conduct of Celibate Brethren in Places Where There are Only Married Christians.

Chapter IV.--Conduct of the Holy Man Where There are Women Only.

Chapter V.--Where There is Only One Woman, the Father Does Not Make a Stay; How Carefully Stumbling-Blocks Must Be Avoided.

Chapter VI.--How Christians Should Behave Themselves Among Heathens.

Chapter VII.--Uses of Considering Admonitory Examples, as Well as Instructive Patterns.

Chapter VIII.--Joseph and Potiphar's Wife; Of What Kind Love to Females Ought to Be.

Chapter IX.--Samson's Admonitory Fall.

Chapter X.--David's Sin, So Admonitory to Us Weak Men.

Chapter XI.--Admonitory History of the Incestuous Children of David.

Chapter XII.--Solomon's Infatuation Through Women.

Chapter XIII.--The History of Susanna Teaches Circumspection with the Eyes and in Society.

Chapter XIV.--Examples of Circumspect Behaviour from the Old Testament.

Chapter XV.--The Example of Jesus; How We May Allow Ourselves to Be Served by Women.

Chapter XVI.--Exhortation to Union and to Obedience; Conclusion.

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Two Epistles Concerning Virginity
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