Samson's Admonitory Fall.
Hast thou not heard concerning Samson the Nazarite, "with whom was the Spirit of God," [474] the man of great strength? This man, who was a Nazarite, and consecrated to God, and who was gifted with strength and might, a woman brought to ruin with her wretched body, and with her vile passion. Art thou, perchance, such a man as he? Know thyself, and know the measure of thy strength. [475] "The married woman catcheth precious souls." [476] Therefore, we do not allow any man whatsoever to sit with a married woman; much less to live in the same house with a maiden who has taken the vow, or to sleep where she sleeps, or to be constantly with her. For this is to be hated and abominated by those who fear God.


[474] Judges 13:25.

[475] Lit. "know thy measure."

[476] Proverbs 6:26.

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