Hymns of the Russian Church

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I Eternal light eternal glows,

II Triple beam of glory

III Orthrios didomi t? The? dexias

IV When the morning from the skies

V The Morning dawns; on gilded height

VI All glorious, see, the morning breaks;

VII Our hearts to heaven upraising,

VIII Now glows the morn in beauty rare;

IX Morn awakes, behold the glory

X See, in the darkness, the dawn is awaking,


I In Thy realm of light above,


I When fails the light at sunset grey,

II The sun has reached his western goal,

III Up rose the morn behind the hills


i Beware when slumber binds thee


I Lord of life, on Thee depending,

II The King is on His journey,


I Alleluia, let us sing,

II Hail the morn! Let praises cheerful

III Now the King immortal


I O Zion, hail your mighty King;

II Strew palms, strew palms upon the way,


I And the strength of God is thine

II Within the garden's sombre shade,

III The solemn feast was spent,

IV To-day a wonder we behold,

V Before Thy Cross we take our place,

VI Wherefore on the Cross uplifted,

VII O Wounded hands and feet!

VIII O darkest night that ever fell!

IX O bleeding heart, look up, behold

X Heavy laden with thy grief,

XI Thou One-begotten Son,


I See! the gates of hades shaken;

II Our evening prayers attend,

III Lo, He is dead! The suffering Christ is dead;

IV Morning awakes, and morn awaking sings;

V In the dark of early morn,

VI Sleepers awake! the night's long reign is past;

VII Light, ere the dawn in beauty broke,

VIII Awake, arise, and greet the dawning day,

IX Christ hath left the dismal tomb;--

X The gate of life stands wide,

XI Hail, rising morn! for He hath risen;

XII Crown the Lord of glory,

XIII Hail the morn, with gladness crowned;

XIV Light more glorious than the sun

XV At early dawn, with pious thought,

XVI Glorious to our watching eyes,

XVII Hail the Resurrection day,

XVIII Light is dawning 'mong the hills,--

XIX Awake! the morn is here,

XX Morn of beauty, joyous morn


I Jesus, Lord of life undying!

II Lord, Thou art lifted very high

III When the Christ, His mission ended,

IV Lift up the gates,

V He Who made the earth His home,

VI Borne on the wings of light,

VII Borne on the clouds the Christ arose


I And while the ages run,

II Like the beams that from the sun

III The promise which the Saviour made

IV Come, ye people, come, adore Him,

V O Holy Spirit, one in power,

VI Thou Spirit of Almighty God,

VII O Holy Ghost, Thou Lord of Light,


I Yea, my tears refuse to flow,

II I cannot lift mine eyes,

III My heart was sad because of sin,

IV O, I have wandered far,

V Lord, I have strayed afar

VI O Jesus, Lord of mercy great,

VII I lift my hands, and with my heart

VIII Now with my weeping would I cleanse my soul,

IX I will arise and seek Thy face,

X Forgive me, Lord, my wayward will,

XI I have no tears to shed,

XII Have pity, Lord, for Thou art great,

XIII My sin was very great,

XIV O, touch my heart, and bring to mind

XV O Jesus, Trust of needy souls,

XVI Teach me Thy gracious will,

XVII This be our prayer, O Saviour of our souls,

XVIII I lift my heart to Thee,

XIX O God of light, when morn awakes,

XX Lord of the hills, where earliest dawn appears,

XXI Thou art my Hope, O Christ my Lord,

XXII Thou art my strength, O God my Lord,

XXIII Ask, and thy prayer with arrow's speed

XXIV O Christ, Thou art my King,

XXV O God, in mercy hear,

XXVI It is not lost what I have given

XXVII O Lord of life, when mortals call,

XXVIII O Light of lights! when other light is fading,

XXIX I mused within my heart,

XXX "Have faith in God," the Master said;--


Keep Thou our souls, O God, from harm

LITANY OF THE DEACON Lord, let our evening prayer ascend,

TRANSFIGURATION When glory crowned the mountain top,


I Wilt Thou own the gift I bring?

II O Jesus Christ, my soul contains

III Let all human flesh be silent,

IV God, Thou art clothed with light,

V O Love divine, my spirit sighs

VI Rest of the weary heart,

VII I have a thought that fills my mind,


I Pilgrim, rest, from ill defended,

II Lord, rest the child, cut off at morning hour;


I And in Thy fair, calm haven, blest,

II Night, and a storm, and hearts with sore affright,

THE NEW YEAR All-embracing as the Greek service books are, curiously enough they contain, strictly speaking, no Thanksgiving services. It has been left for the Russian Church to make them for the Greeks to imitate.

I Lord, let us feel that Thou art near,


I We need Thee still; O gracious Lord,

II Go, ye saints, to Bethlehem,

III He climbed the slopes of Olivet

IV O Light serene of heavenly birth,

V Lord of the brave and strong,

VI I will not yield my sword,

VII Come with your praises, a sacrifice meet,

VIII These are the jewels all glorious that shine

IX Wave, wave your banners high,

X Arise, my soul, and gaily sing


I Ah, my soul, bestir, awake thee,

II The King shall come when morning dawns,

III A halo rests upon Thy brow,

IV St. Methodius, 3rd Century

V Awake, my soul, bestir thee, for the hour is drawing nigh,


I O Christ, in mercy then,

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