Lord, I have Strayed Afar

Lord, I have strayed afar

And I can find no rest;

Above, no guiding star,

No hope within my breast,

But night within and night without,

And anxious fear and gloomy doubt.

O, parched the desert land,

And drear the lonely wild.

O, that some loving hand

Would save a wandering child,

Who cast a Father's love aside,

And left his home in sinful pride.

Yea, I have heard the name

Of One Whose heart is kind;

Upon my night it came

As perfume on the wind;

It fills my soul, with trouble toss'd:

The name of One Who seeks the lost.

O, that His love would come

To where I mourn distressed,

And take a wanderer home

To be for ever blest,

Where I might see the Father's face,

Nor ever wander from His grace.

O Jesus Christ, to Thee

My mournful prayer I send:

Thy name can succour me,

O Thou, the sinner's Friend;

Incline my wayward heart, I pray,

That I no more from home may stray.

iv o i have wandered
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