Bands of Love
P. G.

Ruth i.16, 17

A homeless Stranger amongst us came

To this land of death and mourning;

He walked in a path of sorrow and shame,

Through insult, and hate, and scorning.

A Man of sorrows, of toil and tears,

An outcast Man and a lonely;

But He looked on me, and through endless years

Him must I love -- Him only.

Then from this sad and sorrowful land,

From this land of tears He departed;

But the light of His eyes and the touch of His hand

Had left me broken-hearted.

And I clave to Him as He turned His face

From the land that was mine no longer --

The land I had loved in the ancient days,

Ere I knew the love that was stronger.

And I would abide where He abode,

And follow His steps for ever;

His people my people, His God my God,

In the land beyond the river.

And where He died would I also die,

Far dearer a grave beside Him

Than a kingly place amongst living men,

The place which they denied Him.

Then afar and afar did I follow Him on,

To the land where He was going --

To the depths of glory beyond the sun,

Where the golden fields were glowing --

The golden harvest of endless joy,

The joy He had sown in weeping;

How can I tell the blest employ,

The songs of that glorious reaping!

The recompense sweet, the full reward,

Which the lord His God has given;

At rest beneath the wings of the Lord,

At home in the courts of heaven.

the outcast
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