The Secret of the Lord
T. P.

I Cor. xi.9; Eph. v.23

In the depths of His bright glory,

Where the heavens rejoice,

I have seen Him, I have known Him,

I have heard His voice.

He has told me how He sought me

In the cloudy day,

On the waste and lonely mountains

Very far away.

Words unutterable He speaketh,

Words that none can tell;

Yet, O Lord, Thy wondrous secret

Knows my heart full well.

I, in wonder and in silence,

Listen and adore,

Whilst the heart of God He tells me --

Whilst my cup runs o'er.

Blessed light, within my dwelling,

In the darkest day;

Blessed speech, as music sounding

All along the way.

Is it sweet to know He careth

For my smallest need --

Know that He will ever tend me,

Watch, and guard, and feed?

Yet unutterably sweeter,

Wondrous though it be,

His desire is toward me;

He had need of me!

Not for me is He in glory,

I for Him am there,

In the garden of His pleasures

His delight to share.

Not to shield my path from sorrows

Is His care and thought;

Not to make the dark world brighter

Where Himself is not.

But to have me there beside Him

In the love and light,

There to tell my heart how precious

Am I in His sight.

There His heart's deep love disclosing,

Told in words divine;

I have known His joy in saying,

"Thou art ever Mine."

Lost in silent love and wonder,

There my soul abides;

Portion blest beyond all telling --

Christ, and nought besides.

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