The Will of God
"Here am I, let Him do to me as seemeth good unto Him." -- 2 Sam. xv.26.

G. Ter Steegen.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

Thou sweet beloved Will of God,

My anchor ground, my fortress hill,

The Spirit's silent fair abode,

In Thee I hide me and am still.

O Will, that willest good alone,

Lead Thou the way, Thou guidest best;

A silent child, I follow on,

And trusting, lean upon Thy Breast.

God's Will doth make the bitter sweet,

And all is well when it is done;

Unless His Will doth hallow it,

The glory of all joy is gone.

Self, Sense, and Reason, they may scorn

That hidden way that leads on high --

Still be my deepest will uptorn,

And so the power of Nature die.

And if in gloom I see Thee not,

I lean upon Thy love unknown --

In me Thy blessed Will is wrought,

If I will nothing of my own.

O spirit of a little child,

Of will bereft, untroubled, pure,

I seek thy glory undefiled;

Lord, take my will, Thy love is sure.

O Will of God, my soul's desire,

My Bread of life in want and pain;

O Will of God, my guiding fire,

Unite my will to Thine again.

O Will, in me Thy work be done,

For time, and for eternity --

Give joy or sorrow, all are one

To that blest soul that loveth Thee.

the breath of god
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