The victory of the Lamb
"If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him." -- 2 Tim. ii.12.

J. Heerman, 1647.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

I go from grief and sighing, the valley and the clod,

To join the chosen people in the palaces of God --

There sounds no cry of battle amidst the shadowing palms,

But the mighty song of victory, and glorious golden psalms.

The army of the conquerors, a palm in every hand,

In robes of state and splendour, in rest eternal stand;

Those marriage robes of glory, the righteousness of God --

He bought them for His people with His most precious Blood.

The Lamb of God has saved them from Hell's deep sea of fire --

The Lamb of God adorns them in spotless white attire;

The Lamb of God presents them as Kings in crowns of light --

As Priests in God's own temple to serve Him day and night.

Salvation, strength, and wisdom to Him whose works and ways

Are wonderful and glorious -- eternal is His praise:

The Lamb Who died and liveth, alive for evermore,

The Saviour Who redeemed us, for ever we adore.

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