The Breath of God
"The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof." -- John iii.8.

G. Ter Steegen, 1769.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

Thou Breath from still eternity

Breathe o'er my spirit's barren land --

The pine-tree and the myrtle-tree

Shall spring amidst the desert sand;

And where Thy living water flows

The waste shall blossom as the rose.

May I in will and deed and word

Obey Thee as a little child;

And keep me in Thy love, my Lord,

For ever holy, undefiled;

Within me teach, and strive, and pray,

Lest I should choose my own wild way.

O Spirit, Stream that by the Son

Is opened to us crystal pure,

Forth flowing from the heavenly Throne

To waiting hearts and spirits poor,

Athirst and weary do I sink

Beside Thy waters, there to drink.

My spirit turns to Thee and clings,

All else forsaking, unto Thee;

Forgetting all created things,

Remembering only "God in me."

O living Stream; O gracious rain,

None wait for Thee, and wait in vain.

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