Psalm 84:1
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For the choir director; on the Gittith. A Psalm of the sons of Korah. Howמַה־
4100: what? how? anythinga prim. interrogative and indefinite particle
3039: belovedfrom an unused word
are Your dwelling places,מִשְׁכְּנֹותֶ֗יךָ
4908: dwelling place, tabernaclefrom shakan
O LORDיְהוָ֥ה
3068: the proper name of the God of Israelfrom havah
of hosts!צְבָאֹֽות׃
6635: army, war, warfarefrom tsaba

KJV Lexicon
To the chief Musician
natsach  (naw-tsakh')
to glitter from afar, i.e. to be eminent (as a superintendent, especially of the Temple services and its music)
upon Gittith
Gittiyth  (ghit-teeth')
a Gittite harp -- Gittith.
A Psalm
mizmowr  (miz-more')
instrumental music; by implication, a poem set to notes -- psalm.
for the sons
ben  (bane)
a son (as a builder of the family name), in the widest sense (of literal and figurative relationship, including grandson, subject, nation, quality or condition, etc.
of Korah
Qorach  (ko'rakh)
ice; Korach, the name of two Edomites and three Israelites -- Korah.
How amiable
ydiyd  (yed-eed')
loved -- amiable, (well-)beloved, loves.
are thy tabernacles
mishkan  (mish-kawn')
a residence (including a shepherd's hut, the lair of animals, figuratively, the grave; also the Temple); specifically, the Tabernacle (properly, its wooden walls)
Yhovah  (yeh-ho-vaw')
(the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God -- Jehovah, the Lord.
of hosts
tsaba'  (tsaw-baw')
a mass of persons (or figuratively, things), especially reg. organized for war (an army); by implication, a campaign, literally or figuratively (specifically, hardship, worship)
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
For the choir director; on the Gittith. A Psalm of the sons of Korah. How lovely are Your dwelling places, O LORD of hosts!

King James Bible
<> How amiable are thy tabernacles, O LORD of hosts!

Holman Christian Standard Bible
For the choir director: on the Gittith. A psalm of the sons of Korah. How lovely is Your dwelling place, LORD of Hosts.

International Standard Version
How lovely are your dwelling places, LORD of the Heavenly Armies.

NET Bible
For the music director; according to the gittith style; written by the Korahites, a psalm. How lovely is the place where you live, O LORD who rules over all!

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
How beloved are your tabernacles, Lord Jehovah of hosts!

GOD'S WORD® Translation
[For the choir director; on the [gittith]; a psalm by Korah's descendants.] Your dwelling place is lovely, O LORD of Armies!

King James 2000 Bible
How lovely are your tabernacles, O LORD of hosts!
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