Nahum 3:1
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1945: ah! alas! ha!a prim. interj.
to the bloodyדָּמִ֑ים
1818: blooda prim. root
5892b: city, townof uncertain derivation
3605: the whole, allfrom kalal
4392: fullfrom male
of liesכַּ֤חַשׁ
3585: lying, leannessfrom kachash
[and] pillage;פֶּ֙רֶק֙
6563: parting of ways, plunderfrom paraq
[Her] preyטָֽרֶף׃
2964: prey, food, a leaffrom taraph
3808: nota prim. adverb
4185: to depart, removea prim. root

KJV Lexicon
howy  (hoh'ee)
oh! -- ah, alas, ho, O, woe.
to the bloody
dam  (dawm)
blood (as that which when shed causes death) of man or an animal; by analogy, the juice of the grape; figuratively (especially in the plural) bloodshed (i.e. drops of blood)
`iyr  (eer)
or (in the plural) par {awr}; or ayar (Judges 10:4) {aw-yar'}; a city (a place guarded by waking or a watch) in the widest sense (even of a mere encampment or post) -- Ai (from margin), city, court (from margin), town.
it is all full
male'  (maw-lay')
full or filling (literally); also (concretely) fulness; adverbially, fully -- she that was with child, fill(-ed, -ed with), full(-ly), multitude, as is worth.
of lies
kachash  (kakh'-ash)
literally, a failure of flesh, i.e. emaciation; figuratively, hypocrisy -- leanness, lies, lying.
and robbery
pereq  (peh'-rek)
rapine; also a fork (in roads) -- crossway, robbery.
the prey
tereph  (teh'-ref)
something torn, i.e. a fragment, e.g. a fresh leaf, prey, food -- leaf, meat, prey, spoil.
muwsh  (moosh)
to withdraw (both literally and figuratively, whether intransitive or transitive) -- cease, depart, go back, remove, take away.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Woe to the bloody city, completely full of lies and pillage; Her prey never departs.

King James Bible
Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the prey departeth not;

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Woe to the city of blood, totally deceitful, full of plunder, never without prey.

International Standard Version
Woe to this city, contaminated with shed blood, all full of lies and robberies— it is never without victims!

NET Bible
Woe to the city guilty of bloodshed! She is full of lies; she is filled with plunder; she has hoarded her spoil!

GOD'S WORD® Translation
How horrible it will be for that city of bloody violence! It is completely full of lies and stolen goods-never without victims.

King James 2000 Bible
Woe to the bloody city! it is all full of lies and robbery; the victim departs not;
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