Micah 7:1
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480: alas! woe!a prim. interj.
is me! For I amהָיִ֙יתִי֙
1961: to fall out, come to pass, become, bea prim. root
Like the fruitקַ֔יִץ
7019c: summer, summer fruitfrom the same as qits
625: a gatheringfrom asaph
like the grapeבָּצִ֑יר
1210: a vintagefrom batsar
5955: a gleaningfrom alal
369: nothing, noughta prim. root
is not a clusterאֶשְׁכֹּ֣ול
811: a clusterof uncertain derivation
of grapes to eat,לֶאֱכֹ֔ול
398: to eata prim. root
[Or] a first-ripe figבִּכּוּרָ֖ה
1063: the first ripe fig, early figfrom bakar
[which] I crave.אִוְּתָ֥ה
183: to incline, desirefrom an unused word

KJV Lexicon
'allay  (al-le-lah'ee)
alas! -- woe.
is me for I am as when they have gathered
'oceph  (o'-sef)
a collection (of fruits) -- gathering.
the summer fruits
qayits  (kah'-yits)
harvest (as the crop), whether the product (grain or fruit) or the (dry) season -- summer (fruit, house).
as the grapegleanings
`olelah  (o-lay-law')
only in plural gleanings; by extens. gleaning-time -- (gleaning) (of the) grapes, grapegleanings.
of the vintage
batsiyr  (baw-tseer')
clipped, i.e. the grape crop -- vintage.
there is no cluster
'eshkowl  (esh-kole')
a bunch of grapes or other fruit -- cluster (of grapes).
to eat
'akal  (aw-kal')
to eat -- at all, burn up, consume, devour(-er, up), dine, eat(-er, up), feed (with), food, freely, in...wise(-deed, plenty), (lay) meat, quite.
my soul
nephesh  (neh'-fesh)
a breathing creature, i.e. animal of (abstractly) vitality; used very widely in a literal, accommodated or figurative sense (bodily or mental)
'avah  (aw-vaw')
to wish for -- covet, (greatly) desire, be desirous, long, lust (after).
the firstripe fruit
bikkuwrah  (bik-koo-raw')
the early fig -- firstripe (fruit).
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Woe is me! For I am Like the fruit pickers, like the grape gatherers. There is not a cluster of grapes to eat, Or a first-ripe fig which I crave.

King James Bible
Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grapegleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat: my soul desired the firstripe fruit.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
How sad for me! For I am like one who-- when the summer fruit has been gathered after the gleaning of the grape harvest-- finds no grape cluster to eat, no early fig, which I crave.

International Standard Version
Poor me! I feel like those who harvest summer fruit, or like those who pick grapes— there are no clusters to eat or any fresh fruit that I want.

NET Bible
I am depressed! Indeed, it is as if the summer fruit has been gathered, and the grapes have been harvested. There is no grape cluster to eat, no fresh figs that I crave so much.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Poor me! I am like those gathering summer fruit, like those picking grapes. But there aren't any grapes to eat or any ripened figs that I crave.

King James 2000 Bible
Woe is me! for I am as when they have gathered the summer fruits, as the grape gleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat: my soul desired the first ripe fruit.
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