Isaiah 34:13
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NASB ©HebrewStrong'sOrigin
5518b: a thorn, hookfrom the same as sir
will comeוְעָלְתָ֤ה
5927: to go up, ascend, climba prim. root
up in its fortifiedבְּמִבְצָרֶ֑יהָ
4013: fortificationfrom batsar
759: a citadelof uncertain derivation
7057: perhaps thistlesof uncertain derivation
and thistlesוָחֹ֖וחַ
2336: briar, bramble, hook, ring, fetterof uncertain derivation
in its fortified cities; 
4013: fortificationfrom batsar
It will also be a hauntנְוֵ֣ה
5116a: abode of shepherd or flocks, habitationfrom an unused word
of jackals 
8565: a jackalfrom an unused word
[And] an abodeחָצִ֖יר
2681: a settled abode, hauntfrom the same as chatser
of ostriches.יַעֲנָֽה׃
3284: perhaps greedfem. of yaen

KJV Lexicon
And thorns
ciyr  (seer)
a pot; also a thorn (as springing up rapidly); by implication, a hook -- caldron, fishhook, pan, (wash-)pot, thorn.
shall come up
`alah  (aw-law')
to ascend, intransitively (be high) or actively (mount); used in a great variety of senses, primary and secondary, literal and figurative (as follow)
in her palaces
'armown  (ar-mone')
a citadel (from its height) -- castle, palace.
qimmowsh  (kim-moshe')
from an unused root meaning to sting; a prickly plant -- nettle.
and brambles
chowach  (kho'-akh)
a thorn; by analogy, a ring for the nose -- bramble, thistle, thorn.
in the fortresses
mibtsar  (mib-tsawr')
a fortification, castle, or fortified city; figuratively, a defender -- (de-, most) fenced, fortress, (most) strong (hold).
thereof and it shall be an habitation
naveh  (naw-veh')
comely, dwelling (place), fold, habitation, pleasant place, sheepcote, stable, tarried.
of dragons
tanniyn  (tan-neen')
a marine or land monster, i.e. sea-serpent or jackal -- dragon, sea-monster, serpent, whale.
and a court
chatsiyr  (khaw-tseer')
a court or abode -- court.
for owls
bath  (bath)
apple (of the eye), branch, company, daughter, first, old, owl, town, village.
ya`anah  (yah-an-aw')
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Thorns will come up in its fortified towers, Nettles and thistles in its fortified cities; It will also be a haunt of jackals And an abode of ostriches.

King James Bible
And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for owls.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
Her palaces will be overgrown with thorns; her fortified cities, with thistles and briers. She will become a dwelling for jackals, an abode for ostriches.

International Standard Version
Thorns will grow over its palaces, nettles and brambles its fortresses. It will become a haunt for jackals, a home for ostriches.

NET Bible
Her fortresses will be overgrown with thorns; thickets and weeds will grow in her fortified cities. Jackals will settle there; ostriches will live there.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
Its palaces are covered with thorns. Its fortresses have nettles and thistles. It will become a home for jackals and a place for ostriches.

King James 2000 Bible
And thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in its fortresses: and it shall be a habitation of jackals, and a court for ostriches.
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