Hosea 7:15
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Although I trainedיִסַּ֔רְתִּי
3256: to discipline, chasten, admonisha prim. root
[and] strengthenedחִזַּ֖קְתִּי
2388: to be or grow firm or strong, strengthena prim. root
their arms,זְרֹֽועֹתָ֑ם
2220: arm, shoulder, strengthfrom an unused word
Yet they deviseיְחַשְּׁבוּ־
2803: to think, accounta prim. root
7451b: evil, distress, misery, injury, calamityfrom the same as roa
413: to, into, towardsa prim. particle

KJV Lexicon
Though I have bound
yacar  (yaw-sar')
to chastise, literally (with blows) or figuratively (with words); hence, to instruct -- bind, chasten, chastise, correct, instruct, punish, reform, reprove, sore, teach.
and strengthened
chazaq  (khaw-zak')
to fasten upon; hence, to seize, be strong (figuratively, courageous, causatively strengthen, cure, help, repair, fortify), obstinate; to bind, restrain, conquer
their arms
zrowa`  (zer-o'-ah)
the arm (as stretched out), or (of animals) the foreleg; figuratively, force -- arm, + help, mighty, power, shoulder, strength.
yet do they imagine
chashab  (khaw-shab')
to plait or interpenetrate, i.e. (literally) to weave or (gen.) to fabricate; figuratively, to plot or contrive (usually in a malicious sense); hence (from the mental effort) to think, regard, value, compute
ra`  (rah)
bad or (as noun) evil (natural or moral)one), worse(-st), wretchedness, wrong. (Incl. feminine raaah; as adjective or noun.).
against me
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Although I trained and strengthened their arms, Yet they devise evil against Me.

King James Bible
Though I have bound and strengthened their arms, yet do they imagine mischief against me.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
I trained and strengthened their arms, but they plot evil against Me.

International Standard Version
"Though I have taught them and strengthened their arms, nevertheless they plot evil against me.

NET Bible
Although I trained and strengthened them, they plot evil against me!

GOD'S WORD® Translation
I trained them and made them strong. Yet, they plan evil against me.

King James 2000 Bible
Though I have bound and strengthened their arms, yet do they devise evil against me.
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