Genesis 49:15
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"When he sawוַיַּ֤רְא
7200: to seea prim. root
that a resting placeמְנֻחָה֙
4496: resting place, restfem. of manoach
was goodטֹ֔וב
2896a: pleasant, agreeable, goodfrom tob
And that the landהָאָ֖רֶץ
776: earth, landa prim. root
was pleasant,נָעֵ֑מָה
5276: to be pleasant, delightful, or lovelya prim. root
He bowedוַיֵּ֤ט
5186: to stretch out, spread out, extend, incline, benda prim. root
his shoulderשִׁכְמֹו֙
7926: shoulderfrom an unused word
to bearלִסְבֹּ֔ל
5445: to bear (a heavy load)a prim. root
[burdens], And becameוַיְהִ֖י
1961: to fall out, come to pass, become, bea prim. root
a slaveעֹבֵֽד׃
5647: to work, servea prim. root
at forced labor.לְמַס־
4522: body of forced laborers, forced service, taskworkers, taskwork, serfdomof uncertain derivation

KJV Lexicon
And he saw
ra'ah  (raw-aw')
to see, literally or figuratively (in numerous applications, direct and implied, transitive, intransitive and causative)surely, think, view, visions.
that rest
mnuwchah  (men-oo-khaw')
repose or (adverbially) peacefully; figuratively, consolation (specifically, matrimony); hence (concretely) an abode -- comfortable, ease, quiet, rest(-ing place), still.
was good
towb  (tobe)
good (as an adjective) in the widest sense; used likewise as a noun
and the land
'erets  (eh'-rets)
the earth (at large, or partitively a land) -- common, country, earth, field, ground, land, natins, way, + wilderness, world.
that it was pleasant
na`em  (naw-ame')
to be agreeable -- pass in beauty, be delight, be pleasant, be sweet.
and bowed
natah  (naw-taw')
to stretch or spread out; by implication, to bend away (including moral deflection); used in a great variety of application (out), stretch (forth, out), take (aside), turn (aside, away), wrest, cause to yield.
his shoulder
shkem  (shek-em')
the neck (between the shoulders) as the place of burdens; figuratively, the spur of a hill -- back, consent, portion, shoulder.
to bear
cabal  (saw-bal')
to carry, or (reflexively) be burdensome; specifically, to be gravid -- bear, be a burden, carry, strong to labour.
and became a servant
`abad  (aw-bad')
to work (in any sense); by implication, to serve, till, (causatively) enslave, etc.
unto tribute
mac  (mas)
a burden (as causing to faint), i.e. a tax in the form of forced labor -- discomfited, levy, task(-master), tribute(-tary).
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"When he saw that a resting place was good And that the land was pleasant, He bowed his shoulder to bear burdens, And became a slave at forced labor.

King James Bible
And he saw that rest was good, and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant unto tribute.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
He saw that his resting place was good and that the land was pleasant, so he leaned his shoulder to bear a load and became a forced laborer.

International Standard Version
He observed that his resting place was excellent, and that the land was pleasant; he bent down, picked up his burdens, and became a slave at forced labor."

NET Bible
When he sees a good resting place, and the pleasant land, he will bend his shoulder to the burden and become a slave laborer.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
When he sees that his resting place is good and that the land is pleasant, he will bend his back to the burden and will become a slave laborer.

King James 2000 Bible
And he saw that rest was good, and the land that it was pleasant; and bowed his shoulder to bear, and became a servant unto forced labor.
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