Psalm 12
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To the Director: On an eight stringed harp.a A Davidic Psalm.

Human and Divine Words Contrasted

1Help, LORD, for godly people no longer exist;

trustworthy people have disappeared from humanity.b

2Everyone speaks lies to his neighbor;

they speak with flattering lips and hidden motives.c

3The LORD will cut off all slippery lips,

and the tongue that boasts great things,

4those who say,

“By our tongues we will prevail;

our lips belong to us.

Who is masterd over us?”

5“Because the poor are being oppressed,

because the needy are sighing,

I will now arise,” says the LORD,

“I will establish in safety those who yearn for it.”

6The words of the LORD are pure,

like silver refined in an earthen furnace,

purified seven times over.

7You, LORD, will keep theme safe,

you will guard themf from this generation forever.

8The wicked, however,g keep walking around,

exalting the vileness of human beings.h

a 12:T Or on a lower octave
b 12:1 Lit. from among the children of men
c 12:2 Lit. with slippery lips and a double heart
d 12:4 Or lord
e 12:7 So MT DSS 5/6HevPs 11QPs; LXX reads us
f 12:7 So MT DSS 5/6HevPs 11QPs; LXX reads us
g 12:8 The Heb. lacks however
h 12:8 Lit. of children of men

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