Judges 17
The Scriptures (ISR 1998)

1And there was a man from the hill country of Ephrayim, whose name was Miḵahu.

2And he said to his mother, “The eleven hundred pieces of silver that were taken from you, and on which you put a curse, even saying it in my ears. Look, the silver is with me, I took it.” And his mother said, “Blessed of יהוה be my son!”

3And he gave back the eleven hundred pieces of silver to his mother, and his mother said, “I had truly set apart the silver from my hand to יהוה for my son, to make a carved image and a moulded image, and now, I give it back to you.”

4And he gave the silver back to his mother, and his mother took two hundred pieces of silver and gave them to the silversmith, and he made it into a carved image and a moulded image. And they were in the house of Miḵahu.

5Now the man Miḵah had a house of mighty ones, and made a shoulder garment and house idols. And he ordained one of his sons, who became his priest.

6In those days there was no sovereign in Yisra’ĕl – everyone did what was right in his own eyesa.

7And there was a young man from Bĕyth Leḥem in Yehuḏah, of the clan of Yehuḏah. And he was a Lĕwite, and he was sojourning there.

8And the man went out of the city of Bĕyth Leḥem in Yehuḏah to sojourn wherever he could find a place. And he came to the mountains of Ephrayim, to the house of Miḵah, as he journeyed.

9And Miḵah said to him, “Where do you come from?” And he said to him, “I am a Lĕwite from Bĕyth Leḥem in Yehuḏah, and I am on my way to find a place to sojourn.”

10And Miḵah said to him, “Dwell with me, and be a father and a priest to me, and I give you ten pieces of silver per year, and a suit of garments, and your food.” And the Lĕwite went in.

11So the Lĕwite agreed to dwell with the man. And the young man became like one of his sons to him.

12Then Miḵah ordained the Lĕwite, and the young man became his priest, and he was in the house of Miḵah.

13And Miḵah said, “Now I know that יהוה does good to me, since I have a Lĕwite as priest!”

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