Psalm 27
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1LORD JEHOVAH, my light and my salvation, of whom shall I be afraid? LORD JEHOVAH is the strength of my life; by whom am I shaken?

2When the evil approached me to consume my flesh, my enemies and my haters stumbled together and fell.

3If an army encamps against me, my heart is not afraid; if war shall rise against me, in this I am confident.

4For one thing I have requested from LORD JEHOVAH and to him I pray, that I may dwell in the House of LORD JEHOVAH all the days of my life, to see the sweetness of LORD JEHOVAH and to order his temple.

5Because he will hide me in his shelter in the day of evil; he will hide me in the shadow of his tabernacle and he shall lift me up upon a rock.

6Now shall my head be lifted up over my enemies who are around me, and I shall offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of praise; I shall glorify and sing to LORD JEHOVAH.

7Hear my voice, LORD JEHOVAH, when I call you; show mercy upon me and answer me.

8My heart said to you: "My face seeks your face; be my helper LORD JEHOVAH!”

9LORD JEHOVAH, do not turn your face from me and do not afflict your Servant in anger. You shall not cast me out, neither abandon me, my God and my Savior.

10Because my father and mother abandoned me, and LORD JEHOVAH took me up.

11Teach me your way, LORD JEHOVAH, and lead me in your straight paths.

12And do not hand me over to my enemies, because false witnesses stood up against me and they have spoken evil.

13But I have believed that I shall see the goodness of LORD JEHOVAH in the land of the living.

14Hope in LORD JEHOVAH, and your hearts will be strengthened; hope in LORD JEHOVAH!

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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