Nehemiah 8
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1And all the people assembled as one man to the street that is before the Water Gate, and they were saying to Azra the Scribe to bring the Scroll of the Law of Moshe that LORD JEHOVAH had commanded concerning Israel 2And Azra the Priest brought the Scroll of the Law before the people of the men and unto the women and everyone who was prepared to hear on the first of the seventh month. 3And he read the scroll in the street of the Water Gate from dawn and unto midday before the men and the women and before those who listened, and the ears of the people were inclined and they listened to the commandments of the Torah. 4And Azra the Scribe stood on a tower of wood that he made on which to speak, and Mataytha stood with him, and Shemua, and KhananYah, and Uriah, and Khelaqyah, and Masyah stood up at his right, and at his left stood up Paria, and Mashayel, and Melakyah, and Kheshum, and Khashabiah, and Zekaryah and Mashlam. 5And Azra opened the scroll the book of the Law before the eyes of all the people, because he was higher than all the people, and when it opened, all the people stood up. 6And Azra blessed LORD JEHOVAH, the great God, and all the people answered, and they said: “Amen and Amen!” And when they lifted up their hands, they knelt and they bowed before LORD JEHOVAH on their faces unto the ground. 7And Yeshua and his children and Serabyah and Imin and Aquph and Shabti and Hudiah and Masyah and Qelatyah and Azraya and Yuzabar and Khanani and Penayah and the Levites who serve the people in the Law, and the people were standing at their place. 8And they read in book of the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH when it was unrolled, and they were convinced by it, and they understood the reading of it.

9And Nekhemiah the Head of the Priests spoke, and Azra the Priest the Scribe, and the Levites who were serving the people, and they were saying to all the people: “Today is holy before LORD JEHOVAH your God! You shall not sorrow for yourselves and you shall not weep!”, because all the people were weeping when they were hearing the scroll of The Torah. 10And he said to them: “Go, eat and drink and send food to him for whom nothing is prepared, because today is holy before LORD JEHOVAH. You shall not sorrow for yourselves, because the day is of LORD JEHOVAH’s joy, and he shall be your helper!” 11And the Levites were silencing all the people and they said: “Be still, because today is holy, and you shall not weep!” 12And all the people went to eat and to drink and to send food and to make great celebration, and they were obedient to those words that they had made known to them.

13And in the second day, the Chiefs of the fathers of all the people and the Priests and the Levites were gathered to Azra the Scribe to obey from him all the book of the Law. 14They found in the book of the Torah that LORD JEHOVAH had commanded Moshe that the children of Israel would dwell in huts in the feast in the month of Tishri 15And that they would hear everything that Moshe wrote in the Torah, Heralds summoned in all their cities and in Jerusalem and they were saying: “Come up to the mountain! Bring trees of olives and trees of walnuts and the leaves of palm trees and the leaves of citron trees and branches of willows and make shelters, just as it is written in the book of the Law of Moshe!” 16And the people went out, and they brought and they made for themselves, each man on his roof and in their courts and in the court of the house of LORD JEHOVAH and in the street of the Gate of Waters and in the street of the Gate of Ephraim. 17And all the people who returned from captivity made booths and they dwelt in huts, because the children of Israel had not done so from the days of Yeshua, son of Nun, until this day, and there was very great joy. 18And they were reading in the book of the Law of LORD JEHOVAH all day, in the day of the first day until the last day, and they made a feast for seven days, and in the eighth day they were assembled, just as it is written for them.

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