Leviticus 22
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1And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 2“Speak to Ahron and to his children, and they shall separate themselves from holy things of the children of Israel and not he shall pollute the name of my holiness, because they are Holy Ones to me; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 3Say to them for their generations: ‘Every man of all your seed that may touch the Holy things that the children of Israel consecrate to LORD JEHOVAH, when his uncleanness is upon him, that soul will be destroyed from before my eyes; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 4Each man of the seed of Ahron who is a leper, or one with a discharge, shall not eat of holy things until he is purified, and whoever will touch any uncleanness of a person or a man whose seed of copulation will go out from him. 5Or a man who will touch any creeping thing that is defiled to him or with a man who is defiled to him in all his defilement;

6The soul that will touch him will be defiled until evening; he will not eat from the holy unless he washes his flesh in water. 7And in the setting of the sun he will be purified, and then he will eat of the holy, because it is his bread. 8And he shall not eat a body that is ripped apart by a beast, so that he will not be defiled by it; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 9And they shall observe my observances, lest they shall take sins upon themselves, and they die in themselves, because they polluted their souls; I AM LORD JEHOVAH, I who hallow them.

10And no foreigner shall eat the holy; a guest of the Priest and a hired man shall not eat the holy. 11And the Priest, when he will buy a person, he who is bought with his money will eat of his bread, and those born in his house, those shall eat of his bread. 12And the daughter of the Priest, when she will belong to a man who is a foreigner, also she shall not eat from an offering of holiness. 13And the daughter of the Priest, when she will be a widow or divorced, and she has no children, she shall return to the house of her father as during her virginity; she shall eat of the bread of her father and no foreigner shall eat of it. 14And a man who will eat the holy thing forgetfully will add one fifth to it and will give the holy thing to the Priest. 15And the children of Israel shall not pollute the holy things that they offer to LORD JEHOVAH; 16And they shall take upon them evil and sins when they eat of their holy things, because I AM LORD JEHOVAH who hallows them.’”

17And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 18“Speak with Ahron and with his children and with all of the children of Israel and say to them: ‘A man of the house of Israel or of those who are turned to me who dwell in Israel, who will offer his offering of all their vows and of all their offerings that they bring to LORD JEHOVAH; 19A burnt peace offering is acceptable: a male that has no defect in it, of oxen or of lambs or of goats. 20You shall offer none that has a flaw in it because it is not desirable to you. 21And a man who will offer a peace sacrifice to LORD JEHOVAH to dedicate a vow or a dedication of oxen or of goats, when it has no defect in it, shall be accepted, if there is no defect in it. 22What is blind or what is broken, or what is mangy, or what is feeble, or what is leprous, or what is hairless, you shall not bring one of these to LORD JEHOVAH, and you shall not place an offering of such things on the altar for LORD JEHOVAH. 23And a bull, or lamb which has been notched in its ear, or a male fattail you may make an offering, however it shall not be accepted for a vow. 24And what is bruised, or what is castrated, or what is mutilated you shall not bring to LORD JEHOVAH and you shall not serve in your land. 25And you shall not bring the bread of your God from the hand of the son of a foreigner, of any of these, because they are corrupt and a defect is in them; they are not accepted from you.'"

26And LORD JEHOVAH spoke with Moshe and said to him: 27“A bullock, or lamb, or a kid, when it will be born, shall be following its mother seven days, and from the eighth day and beyond his offering shall be accepted as an offering to LORD JEHOVAH. 28And a bullock or a sheep itself and its son you shall not slaughter on one day. 29And if you will sacrifice a sacrifice of thanksgiving to LORD JEHOVAH, sacrifice it acceptably. 30And in that day it shall be eaten, and you shall not leave any of it to the morning; I AM LORD JEHOVAH. 31Keep my commands and do them; I AM LORD JEHOVAH.

32And you shall not pollute the Name of my holiness which is hallowed among the children of Israel; I AM LORD JEHOVAH who hallows you. 33For I brought you out from the land of Egypt to be God to you; I AM LORD JEHOVAH."

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