Job 4
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1And Eliphaz the Taymanite answered and he said:

2“If I begin to speak with you, will you be worn out? And who can withhold words from you?

3Behold, you have instructed many, and you would strengthen the hands of the weak

4Should not your words lift up the afflicted and you should strengthen the shaky knees?

5Because now it has come upon you and you are troubled, and it has arrived upon you and you are terrified

6Behold, this your religion is blaming you, also your hope and the integrity of your way

7Remember now, who is innocent that is destroyed, and where are the upright who were put to shame?

8As when I have seen, they who cultivate with sin and sow pain will reap it

9And from the breath of God they shall be destroyed and from The Spirit of his wrath they shall be consumed

10The roaring of a lion and the voice of the whelp of a lion and the teeth of lions were broken

11A lion perishes from want, he has no prey, and the offspring of the lionesses are scattered

12And to me an answer was given, and my ear received as a little from him

13In quietness in a vision of the night in the falling of deep sleep on a man

14An awesomeness chilled me, and a shaking, and the multitude of my bones were shaken

15And a spirit passed before my face, and the hair of my flesh stood up

16And I stood and I did not see, and there was no apparition before my eyes, and I heard a whisper and a voice that said:

17Will man be declared more just than God, or is a man purer than his Maker?

18Behold, he does not trust in his Servants and in his Angels he puts amazement

19Also those dwelling in houses of clay that dwell in the dust will be laid low before the thick darkness

20From dawn to evening they will be laid low, that they will not be established inhabitants to eternity, and they will be destroyed

21Behold, he takes up their property from them, and their remnants among them will die, and not in wisdom.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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