Hosea 14
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1Turn, Israel, to LORD JEHOVAH your God, because you have been subverted by your evil

2Take for yourselves words and be converted to LORD JEHOVAH your God and speak to him that he may forgive you your evil, and receive good, and he shall reward you the fruit of your lips

3And say: ”The Assyrians will not save us and upon horses we will not ride, and we will not again call the work of our hands gods, because you are merciful to orphans”

4I shall heal their backsliding and I shall love their vows and shall turn back my anger from them

5And I shall be like dew to Israel and he will bud as a lily, and he shall put out his roots like those of Lebanon

6And he shall send out his branches and he will be like an olive tree that is lovely with its fruits, and its scent like that of Lebanon

7They shall be restored, they shall dwell in his shadow and they shall live from the grain and they shall be fruitful like a vine and their memorial like the wine of Lebanon

8And Aphreim shall say: ”What more have I to do with idols?” And I have humbled him, and I have found him as an almond tree thickly grown, also from me your fruits are found

9Whoever is wise, let him perceive these things and consider to know them, that the ways of LORD JEHOVAH are right, and the righteous ones walk in them and the evil stumble in them

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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