Amos 2
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1Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: for three crimes of Moab, and the fourth, I will not turn from them, because they burned the bones of the King of Edom into lime

2I shall send fire on Moab and it will devour the palaces of Qerioth and Moab shall die in tumult with shouting and with the sound of trumpets

3And I shall destroy the Judge from inside it, and all its Princes I shall destroy with him, says LORD JEHOVAH

4Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: for the three crimes of Judea, and the fourth, I shall not turn from them, because they rejected the Law of LORD JEHOVAH, and they have not kept his commandments, and vanities caused them to go astray, after which their fathers went

5I shall send fire into Yehuda and it will devour the palaces of Jerusalem

6Thus says LORD JEHOVAH: for three crimes of Israel, and the fourth, I will not turn from them, because they sold the righteous for silver and the poor for sandals

7For they tread on the dust of the Earth and beat the poor on the head, and they turn back the way of the afflicted, and a man and his father are going to join with a woman, because they will pollute the name of my holiness

8And they have been girding on defiled clothing on the side of every altar, and they have been drinking old wine in the house of their gods

9And I have destroyed the Amorite from before them, whose height was like the height of a cedar and was venerable as an oak. I have destroyed its fruit from above and its roots from beneath

10And I brought you up from the land of Egypt, and I led you in the wilderness forty years, and I have brought you to this region to inherit the land of the Amorites

11And I have raised up some of your sons, the Prophets, and some of your young men, the Nazarites. Are not these things so, children of Israel? says LORD JEHOVAH

12And you gave wine to drink to the Nazarites, and the Prophets you commanded not to prophesy

13Behold, I am distressed under you, as a wagon that is full of ears of corn is distressed

14And speed shall be cut off from the fast, and the strong not will hold fast his power, and he that is mighty will not save himself

15And the archer shall not stand and he that is fast in his running shall not be delivered, and the horseman shall not deliver himself

16And he who is strong in his heart as that of a mighty man will escape naked in that day, says LORD JEHOVAH

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