2 Samuel 24
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1And the anger of LORD JEHOVAH increased greatly in Israel and provoked David against them and he said to him: “Go number Israel and Yehuda” 2And David said to Yuab the General of the army and to all the Generals of the army that were with him: “Walk among all of the tribes of Israel from Dan and unto Bar Sheba and count the people for me, and bring their number to me and the computation of the people” 3And Yuab said to the King: “May LORD JEHOVAH your God add to the people a hundred times equal to them, and may the eyes of my Lord the King see it, and why is my Lord the King pleased with this matter?” 4And the word of the King prevailed against Yuab and against the Generals of the army, and Yuab went out and the Commanders of the army from before the King to count the people of Israel 5And they crossed the Jordan and they came to Sharub that was on the right side of the city that was within the valley of Gad and of Eliazar 6And they came unto Tsur and to Tsaydan, to the land of the Canaanites and to the land of the Khithites and to the land of the Yebusites 7And they went into all the land and they came to the land of Yehuda for thirty and eight days, and they came to Dan and they went around Tsaydan 8And they went into all the land and they came after nine months of days to Jerusalem 9And Yuab brought the number and computation of the people to the King, and the number of the house of Israel was eight hundred thousand men, mighty men of the army drawing a sword, and the men of Yehuda were five hundred thousand men

10And David was disturbed after he counted the people, and David said before LORD JEHOVAH: “I have sinned in what I have done, and also now I beg of you, for I have acted very foolishly!” 11And David arose in the morning and The Word of LORD JEHOVAH came to Gad the Prophet and he said to him 12“Go say to David: ‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, three evils I bring against you. Choose for yourself and I shall do it to you’” 13And Gad the Prophet came to David and he said to him, “The first plague which comes against you is seven years famine in your land, or three months that you will be handed over before your enemy and he will be chasing you, or there will be three days plague in your land, and also see now what response you return to him who sent me to you” 14David answered and he said to Gad the Prophet: “It is very grievous to me; it is better for us that we will be handed over into the hands of LORD JEHOVAH our God for his abundant compassion, and we will not be handed over into the hands of the sons of men”

15And LORD JEHOVAH gave a plague in Israel from morning and until the sixth hour, and seventy thousand warriors died from Dan and unto Bar Sheba 16And the Angel reached his hand toward Jerusalem for its destruction and LORD JEHOVAH forbade the Angel of Death who was destroying the people, and he said to him: “You have destroyed much. Restrain your hand.” And the Angel of LORD JEHOVAH was standing at the granary of Aran the Yebusite 17And David said before LORD JEHOVAH, when he saw the Angel who destroyed the people, he answered and he said to him to the Angel: “Surely I have sinned and I have provoked anger! These sheep are blameless! What have they done? Let your hand be against me and against the house of my father!”

18And Gad the Prophet came to David on that day and he said to him: “Go up and build an altar to LORD JEHOVAH in the granary of Aran the Yebusite” 19And David went up at the word of Gad as LORD JEHOVAH said to him 20And Aran the Yebusite turned and he saw King David and his Servants as they passed on the road, and Aran fell and he worshiped on his face on the ground before King David 21And he said: “Why has my Lord the King come to his Servant?” And David said: “To buy from you the granary to build an altar to LORD JEHOVAH, and the plague will be stopped from the people” 22And Aran said to David: “Let My Lord the King take, and behold, the oxen for burnt offering and ploughs and yokes for wood!” 23Aran gave all this to King David, and Aran said to King David: “LORD JEHOVAH your God will bless you!” 24And David said to Aran: “I buy from you for a price and I do not offer to LORD JEHOVAH my God a burnt offering that is without cost.” And David bought the granary of the garden and oxen for fifty shekels 25And David built there an altar to LORD JEHOVAH and offered sacrifices and peace offerings, and LORD JEHOVAH was revealed over the land, and the slaughter was stopped from the house of Israel

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2 Samuel 23
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