1 Samuel 10
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1And Shemueil took a horn of oil and he poured it on his head, and he kissed him and said to him: “Behold, LORD JEHOVAH has anointed you the Leader over his inheritance 2And when you have gone today from my presence, behold, two men will find you by the grave of Rakhyl at the border of Benyamin in Tsaltsakh, and they will say to you: ‘The donkeys that you went to seek were found, and behold, your father has abandoned thinking of the donkeys and is distressed for you, and says, “What shall I do for my son?” 3And when you have passed far beyond and you arrive at the Oak of Tabor, behold you will find there three men going up to God to Bayth Eil, one carrying three kids and one carrying three loaves of bread and one carrying a jar of wine 4And they shall invoke your peace, and they shall give you two loaves of bread and you shall take from their hands 5And after that you shall come to the hill of God where there is a monument of the Philistines, and when you have arrived there in the city, behold, you will meet with a band of Prophets that came down from the high place, and in front of them are psalteries and harps and tambourines and timbrels, and they prophesy 6And the Spirit of LORD JEHOVAH will prosper over you, and you shall prophesy with them and you shall be changed like another man 7And it will be, when these signs will come upon you, use for yourself whatever ability is in your hands, because God is with you 8And come down before me to Galgala, and behold, I am going down to you to offer offerings, to sacrifice peace sacrifices. You shall stay seven days until I come to you, and I shall inform you what you will do”

9And it was that when he turned his shoulder to go from Shemueil, God exchanged for him another heart, and all these signs came in that day 10And he came unto Ramtha, and behold a band of Prophets met him and the Spirit of God gave success upon him and he prophesied among them 11And it was that all who had known him before saw a Prophet prophesying, and the people said, each man to his neighbor: “Who is this who was son of Qish?, for behold, Shaul also is among the Prophets!” 12And a man answered from there and said, “Who is his father?”, because this was a proverb: ‘Behold, Shaul also is among the Prophets!’ 13And they finished prophesying, and Shaul came from the judgment seat

14And his paternal uncle said to Shaul and to his boy: “Where did you go?” And he said, “To seek the donkeys, and we saw that they were not, and we came to Shemueil” 15And his paternal uncle said to Shaul: “Tell me what Shemueil said to you” 16And Shaul said to his paternal uncle, “He told me that the donkeys were found”, and he did not tell him the matter of the kingdom that Shemueil told him

17And Shemueil gathered the people before LORD JEHOVAH to Metspaya 18And he said to the children of Israel: “Thus says LORD JEHOVAH, the God of Israel: ‘I brought up Israel from the land of Egypt and I saved you from the hand of the Philistines and from the hand of all the kingdoms that oppressed you 19And you today have rejected your God, he who saved you from all your afflictions and your adversities, and you said, “Not so, but establish a King over us!” Now let your tribes and your thousands stand before LORD JEHOVAH”

20And Shemueil came near to all the tribes of Israel, and the tribe of Benyamin was held 21And the tribe of Benyamin came for the families, and the family of Matri was taken, and Shaul, son of Qish, was taken, and they looked for him and he was not found 22And Shemueil asked again of LORD JEHOVAH and said: “Where is this man?” And LORD JEHOVAH said to Shemueil: “Behold, he is hidden among the vessels.” 23And they ran and brought him from there, and he stood among the people and was taller than all the people, from his shoulder and above 24And Shemueil said to all the people: “You have seen in whom God is pleased, because there is none like him among all the people!” And all the people cried out and they said, ‘Let the King live!’

25And Shemueil spoke to the people the law of the King, and he wrote in a book and put it before LORD JEHOVAH, and Shemueil sent away all the people, and they went each man to his house 26Also Shaul went to his house to Ramtha, and a host went on with him whom God touched in their heart 27And the children of sin were saying: “By what will this one save us?” And they despised him and they brought him no gifts, and he was silent

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