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wə·ha·ḥa·yil — 2 Occurrences

1 Samuel 17:20
HEB: וַיָּבֹא֙ הַמַּעְגָּ֔לָה וְהַחַ֗יִל הַיֹּצֵא֙ אֶל־
NAS: to the circle of the camp while the army was going
KJV: to the trench, as the host was going forth
INT: came to the circle the army was going in

1 Kings 20:19
HEB: שָׂרֵ֣י הַמְּדִינ֑וֹת וְהַחַ֖יִל אֲשֶׁ֥ר אַחֲרֵיהֶֽם׃
NAS: of the provinces, and the army which
KJV: of the city, and the army which followed
INT: of the rulers of the provinces and the army which followed

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