2177. zan
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Strong's Hebrew: 2177. zan — 3 Occurrences

2 Chronicles 16:14
HEB: מִלֵּא֙ בְּשָׂמִ֣ים וּזְנִ֔ים מְרֻקָּחִ֖ים בְּמִרְקַ֣חַת
NAS: with spices of various kinds blended
KJV: with sweet odours and divers kinds [of spices] prepared
INT: had filled spices kinds the apothecaries' prepared by the apothecaries' art

Psalm 144:13
HEB: מְלֵאִים֮ מְפִיקִ֥ים מִזַּ֗ן אֶ֫ל־ זַ֥ן
NAS: furnishing every kind
INT: be full furnishing every about kind

Psalm 144:13
HEB: מִזַּ֗ן אֶ֫ל־ זַ֥ן צֹאונֵ֣נוּ מַ֭אֲלִיפוֹת
NAS: every kind of produce, [And] our flocks
INT: every about kind of produce our flocks bring

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