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nis·peh — 2 Occurrences

1 Chronicles 21:12
HEB: שְׁלֹשָׁ֨ה חֳדָשִׁ֜ים נִסְפֶּ֥ה מִפְּנֵי־ צָרֶיךָ֮
NAS: months to be swept away before
KJV: months to be destroyed before
INT: three months to be swept before your foes

Proverbs 13:23
HEB: רָאשִׁ֑ים וְיֵ֥שׁ נִ֝סְפֶּ֗ה בְּלֹ֣א מִשְׁפָּֽט׃
NAS: of the poor, But it is swept away by injustice.
KJV: but there is [that is] destroyed for want
INT: of the poor is is swept want of judgment

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