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miš·mə·rō·w·ṯām — 2 Occurrences

2 Chronicles 7:6
HEB: וְהַכֹּהֲנִ֞ים עַל־ מִשְׁמְרוֹתָ֣ם עֹמְדִ֗ים וְהַלְוִיִּ֞ם
NAS: stood at their posts, and the Levites
KJV: waited on their offices: the Levites
INT: the priests at their posts stood and the Levites

2 Chronicles 35:2
HEB: הַכֹּהֲנִ֖ים עַל־ מִשְׁמְרוֹתָ֑ם וַֽיְחַזְּקֵ֔ם לַעֲבוֹדַ֖ת
NAS: the priests in their offices and encouraged
KJV: the priests in their charges, and encouraged
INT: the priests in their offices and encouraged the service

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