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mê·ṯā·rāw — 2 Occurrences

Exodus 39:40
HEB: הֶֽחָצֵ֔ר אֶת־ מֵיתָרָ֖יו וִיתֵדֹתֶ֑יהָ וְאֵ֗ת
NAS: of the court, its cords and its pegs
KJV: gate, his cords, and his pins,
INT: the gate of the court cords pegs and all

Numbers 3:26
HEB: סָבִ֑יב וְאֵת֙ מֵֽיתָרָ֔יו לְכֹ֖ל עֲבֹדָתֽוֹ׃
NAS: and the altar, and its cords, according to all
KJV: round about, and the cords of it for all the service
INT: and the altar is around cords to all the service

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