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mā·‘uz·zîm — 2 Occurrences

Daniel 11:38
HEB: וְלֶאֱלֹ֙הַּ֙ מָֽעֻזִּ֔ים עַל־ כַּנּ֖וֹ
NAS: a god of fortresses, a god
KJV: the God of forces: and a god
INT: A god of fortresses in his estate

Daniel 11:39
HEB: וְעָשָׂ֞ה לְמִבְצְרֵ֤י מָֽעֻזִּים֙ עִם־ אֱל֣וֹהַּ
NAS: He will take action against the strongest of fortresses with [the help of] a foreign
KJV: Thus shall he do in the most strong holds
INT: will take holds the strongest with god

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